Marines, Sailors, and Families of Huron Company,

         I consider myself privileged to have the opportunity to assume the responsibilities as Headquarters and Services Company Commander. Huron has the great responsibility of not only supporting the other line companies in their training and deployments, but also supporting the battalion in its mission accomplishment. The long hours and hard work by Huron Marines and Sailors are instrumental in keeping the Wolfpack ready for any challenges or endeavors that may arise.

        The members of Huron strive constantly to become masters of their specific craft, and to hone any other vital skills that our people can provide the battalion. To supplement this technical expertise, our Marines and Sailors also strive to become better men and women. Developing character and virtue in our Marines and Sailors will build their professional and personal resiliency, in addition to enabling them to foster stronger ties within their families and friendships. My charge is for Huron members to strive to improve a small amount each day. Whether it be personal or professional, these small developments will eventually add up into significant growth and we will all share in the upward momentum.

      The Marines and Sailors of Huron will constantly lean on one another not only for mission accomplishment, but to uphold our collective moral, mental, and physical well-being. We will foster an environment of mutual respect, compassion, and an enthusiasm for a solid esprit de corps. The only way we will succeed through the tough times to come is by having a strong family and team to help us through.

    I have an incredible amount to learn from each of you and I am continually impressed by the work you all are capable of.

 Be Steady, Have Grit.

  Captain T. S. Engel

  Commanding Officer

                                                            First Sergeant B. A. Armstrong

                                                            Company First Sergeant