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Marines and Sailors of Huron,


I am excited to have been given the opportunity to assume the role and responsibilities of Headquarters and Service Company Commander.  The amount of knowledge and experience that resides within this company is unmeasurable and I plan on taking full advantage of it, as should you.  Huron has been entrusted to support not only the line companies, but also the battalion, and it is that support that allows the pack to be ready.  Every Marine and Sailor has an essential role that allows us to be trusted with such a responsibility and the success of each company relies on their proficiency.  Be proficient within your billet and also the billet above you.  My expectations will be high and I will demand the most of you.  I will leave you with this, “Soldiers fight to survive in chaos, but warriors thrive in it”.  Embrace the chaos and welcome aboard.


Semper Fidelis,

                         Captain N. J. Blackwell

                         Commanding Officer, Huron Company

                                                            First Sergeant Corey J. Nawrocki

                                                            First Sergeant, Huron Company







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