To the Marines, Sailors, Family, and Friends of Apache Company,

The past few months have been a busy time for the company.  We successfully qualified our LAV-25 crews during a week-long, live-fire exercise and only a month later conducted a live-fire section gunnery range.  Our scouts have been diligently conducting ranging from live fire attacks, to patrolling to integrating with the LAV crews in support of platoon level attacks.

 The mortarmen of Weapons platoon participated in a live fire shoot in which they shot hundreds of rounds in support of jets and helicopters conducting attacks. Our TOW section Marines participated in a battalion level, two week long training package which culminated in the firing of three live TOW missiles.  The company is continuing to progress as our deployment to Okinawa, Japan draws closer.

The training and success enjoyed by our company would not have been possible without the hard work and long days put in by our maintenance section Marines.  They were able to keep our vehicles running, radios talking, and weapons firing during some of the busiest months for the battalion.

As we transition into the heart of summer, we will have a chance to rest and refit during the battalion’s block leave period.  During this time, I hope our Marines and their families are able to visit one another, celebrate and return ready to hit the ground running.  We have many intense and challenging training opportunities ahead.

Semper Fidelis,


Captain A. C. Sanchez

Commanding Officer, Company A
1stSgt. R. A. Merritt
Company First Sergeant, Company A