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The 1stMarDiv Webmaster provides assistance only for accessibility or technical questions about this website (www.i-mef.usmc.mil/external/1stmardiv). If your question involves an inquiry of this nature, please call:

  • 1stMarDiv Webmaster : (760) 725-9221

Being a Major Subordinate Command of I Marine Expeditionary Force (I MEF), the 1stMarDiv website falls under I MEF's oversight and governance. If you have an inquiry for this site, in general, please contact the I MEF Webmaster at (760) 763-2355 or email robert.alejandre@usmc.mil


Locating a Marine/Sailor Via the Marine Corps Locator

The Marine Corps Locator is your best choice for trying to locate a specific Marine. Please call (703) 784-3941 / 3942 / 3943 and an operator will assist you Monday through Friday, 8am through 4pm (EST).

Locating a Marine/Sailor via the Military Personnel Locator

The Military Personnel Locator is available on Camp Pendleton and can be accessed by calling (760) 725-5171 where you will be asked to provide SSN, Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, and Rank of the military person you need to locate. If the operator at this number is not avaialble, the numbers above at the Marine Corps Locator can assist.

Accessing Military Records

You can request records related information from the Military Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, MO. You can find the contact information and request procedures on their website at

Becoming a Marine

You can call our toll free number and get in touch with your local recruiter. Call 1-800-MARINES and they will help you to become one of the Few, the Proud, the Marines.

Contacting Any Place on Camp Pendleton

Directory Assistance

Call (760) 725-4111

(MCB CPEN) Communication Strategy & Operations Office

Please do not call the Communication Strategy & Operations Office for Directory Assistance. (Directory Assistance - (760) 725-4111)

If you have questions or issues regarding media or press coverage for MCB CPEN, please contact the Camp Pendleton/MCB Camp Pendleton Communication Strategy & Operations Office.

PO Box 555019

Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5019

Telephone: (760) 725-5011

Contacting the 1st Marine Division (1stMarDiv) Communication Strategy & Operations Office

Please do not call the Communication Strategy & Operations Office for Directory Assistance. (Directory Assistance - (760) 725-4111)

If you have questions or issues regarding media or press coverage for 1stMarDiv, please contact the 1stMarDiv Communication Strategy & Operations Office.

CommStrat Chief

(760) 725-5528

Press Section

(760) 725-1129

Reproduction Section

(760) 725-5528

Photo Chief

(760) 725-9223

Video Chief

(760) 725-9223


(760) 763-3737

1stMarDiv Webmaster

(760) 725-9221

Contacting Other Marine Corps Communication Strategy & Operations Offices

Visit http://www.hqmc.marines.mil/divpa/UnitHome.aspx.