To the Marines, Sailors, Family, and Friends of Blackfoot Company,

        I am honored and humbled to be Blackfoot Company's Commanding Officer. As we form and grow as a family in the time to come, there are a few cornerstones by which we will judge our success. Specifically, sturdy professionalism, planning and preparing for the nation's future conflicts, and "building the Blackfoot Brand". Our journey will be a trying one, but as in everything we do, we will succeed.

        Our profession is one that requires men and women of the highest caliber with an unwavering moral compass. We will better ourselves everyday as not only war practitioners, but as citizens of society.  We will not only strive to be professionals of our trade craft, but also to be exemplary sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and friends.  Our nation has set high standards as Marine and Sailors. In order to exceed those expectations, we will dedicate ourselves to sturdy professionalism.

        As an expeditionary force in readiness, the Marine Corps exists to deploy rapidly to support a wide range of military operations. While we may not know when or where we will go next, we will be prepared.  Preparing and planning for our nation's future conflicts will be a joint effort. The Marines and Sailors of Blackfoot will depend on each other, but also on their loved ones at home. There will be many long days and nights spent training and planning during our time together. We will endure as a unit and we will succeed as unit. By preparing diligently and taking care of one another, we will be postured to tackle any task at hand.

        Every member of our organization will contribute to "building the Blackfoot Brand". Our Marines, Sailors, and family members form a team that we should all be proud of. We will challenge the status quo, push each other, and achieve great things. Yet, we will do so as a humble and respectable unit. Our work will speak for itself as we continue our journey together. Our individual time together may be short, but our impact can be timeless. Semper Fidelis.



Captain B. T. Zitterkopf                                                                          1stSgt R. C. Geilser III
Commanding Officer, Blackfoot Company                               1stSgt, Blackfoot Company