Basic Machine Gun Course
1st Marine Division Schools


Basic Machine Gun Course is a method for Marines to receive training in the fundamentals of machine gun employment and gunnery and is available to all units and MOSs. The end state is that Marines are certified and confident with medium and heavy machine guns thereby increasing the unit’s lethality and survivability in combat.

Your Marines will receive their certification and instruction from our 0331 cadre.

Course Curriculum follows Chapter 13, NAVMC 3500.44D (07 May 2020) and will certify students on 1000-Level Events for 0331 and prepare them for follow-on Advanced Machine Gun Course

Marines will be instructed on the M2A1 .50 Caliber Machine Gun, Mk. 19 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher, and the M240B Medium Machinegun.

Registration is open throughout Fiscal Year 24 and units may schedule any class that fits their TEEP. Please understand while seats are first come, first serve and that this course is available to all units across the MAGTF, 1st Marine Division units will take priority if seats become limited.

Division Schools will work with your unit to find seats. If your nominations enter into a back log, please contact the Operations Chief or SNCOIC.

Important note regarding ammunition: Given the current FY-24 allocation, units that submit Marines for this course may have to provide an allocation of 7.62mm for the M240B for an amount proportional to the students they submit. If this is needed, this will be communicated during the nomination process. Please consult your S-3 on this matter and direct any questions regarding ammunition requirements to the Division Schools SNCOIC.

course dates

BMGC 1-24 (16 Seats)
Report: 2 October 2023
Graduate: 6 October 2023

BMGC 2-24 (16 Seats)
Report: 13 November 2023
Graduate: 6 October 2023

BMGC 3-24 (16 Seats)
Report: 4 December 2023
Graduate: 8 December 2023

BMGC 4-24 (16 Seats)
Report: 15 January 2024
Graduate: 19 January 2024

BMGC 5-24 (16 Seats)
Report: 4 March 2024
Graduate: 8 March 2024

BMGC 6-24 (16 Seats)
Report: 1 April 2024
Graduate: 5 April 2024

BMGC 7-24 (16 Seats)
Report: 29 April 2024
Graduate: 3 May 2024

BMGC 8-24 (16 Seats)
Report: 24 June 2024
Graduate: 28 June 2024

BMGC 9-24 (16 Seats)
Report: 5 August 2024
Graduate: 9 August 2024

BMGC 10-24 (16 Seats)
Report: 16 September 2024
Graduate: 20 September 2024

Nomination Instructions

Nominations will be sent to: via Outlook

a. Nominations may be submitted to this email as a reply. At a minimum, the unit will provide:
    -Last Name
    -First Name
    -Unit (Battalion)
    -Marine’s email (Personal or .mil so we may send them their Student Handbooks)
    -Cell Phone (To coordinate with Instructor Staff as needed)

b. Marines must meet Ht/Wt standards. If they need to tape, please ensure they report in with the required worksheet.

c. Marines must be in a Full Duty status. BMGC is a physically demanding course. Waivers will not be granted.

d. There are no rank requirements.

e. For non-Division units, if you are submitting your Marines in support of an upcoming deployment, please add this information to your nomination so that it may be taken into consideration.

f. If your nominations are in preparation for Advanced Machine Gunner’s Course, please communicate this so that we may give you priority.

g. Sister Service Nominations will be accepted. If these nominations are a part of a Joint work-up, please communicate this with the respective Marine Corps unit’s Operations Chief on the Cc line.

h. Foreign/Allied Nation Nominations must be submitted by a hosting unit. Battalion Level at minimum with Operations Chief Endorsement. Host unit must nominate Marines along with Foreign/Allied Nation Nominations. Seats for Foreign/Allied Nation Nominations will be granted if available. If scheduling is required outside of scheduled classes, please contact the Operations Chief or SNCOIC directly on this matter.

Reporting Instructions

a. Marines will report to Building 33063T (33 Area Armory) at 0630 in “boots and utes.” Front and back SAPIs will be in the flak.

b. Marines will ensure they have items prescribed by the Gear List.

Individual Required Gear per Marine/Sailor

a. Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform, MARPAT Woodland (1)

b. Field Cover, MARPAT Woodland (1)

c. Combat boots (1)

d. ID Card

e. Military-issue reading glasses (as required)

f. Kevlar or unit issued ATE Helmet (Woodland MARPAT Cover, if issued)

g. IIF issued Plate Carrier with front and back SAPI Plates.   

h. (1) Hydration System and (2) canteens w/covers (full)


j. Tourniquet (2)

k. Assault Pack

l. Tactical gloves

m. Ear protection

n. Ballistic Eye Wear (day and night)

o. Note taking gear

Additional Information

a. BMGC is a very physical demanding course and machine gun employment requires substantial strength and endurance. Please ensure that your Marines are able to stand the rigors of the course. If a student is unable to perform, they may be dropped at the discretion of Division Schools staff.

b. Personally own ballistic protection equipment such as helmets, plate carriers, and SAPIs are not authorized. This matter is non-negotiable. Should a student refuse to wear their Marine Corps issued gear, they will be dropped from the course.

c. If your Marine needs to have their IFAK updated or restocked, ensure that they get this done through IIF prior to reporting to the course. They will not have the time otherwise. Marines found with empty or improperly stocked IFAKs will be dropped from the course.

T & R Standards

These are the specific T&R Events that every student must complete and will be certified on following completion of Basic Machine Gunner’s Course:

a. 0331-EMPL-1001, React to Machinegun Fire Commands 

b. 0331-HMG-1001, Perform Operator Maintenance for a Heavy Machinegun 

c. 0331-M2-1001, Engage Targets with a M2A1 Heavy Machinegun 

d. 0331-MK19-1001, Perform Operator Maintenance on an MK-19 Heavy Machinegun 

e. 0331-MK19-1002, Engage Targets with a MK-19 Heavy Machinegun 

f. 0331-MMG-1001, Perform Operator Maintenance for a M240B Medium Machinegun 

g. 0331-MMG-1002, Engage Targets with a Medium Machinegun 

h. 0331-MMG-1003, Zero a Machinegun Day Optic (MDO) 

i. 0331-WPNS-1001, Zero a Limited Visibility Optic to a Machinegun 

j. 0331-WPNS-1002, Register a Range Card 

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