2nd Battalion, 11th Marines
1st Marine Division
Camp Pendleton, California

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Activated 5 November 1918 at Montierchame, France as the 2d Battalion, 11th Regiment. Relocated during July-August 1919 to Hampton Roads, Virginia. Deactivated 11 August 1919.


Reactivated 9 May 1927 at Quantico, Virginia as the 2d Battalion, 11th Regiment. Deployed during May 1927 to Chinadenga, Nicaragua and assigned to the 2d Brigade. Participated in Operations Against Dissidents, May-July 1927. Redesignated 1 July as the 2d Separate Battalion, 11th Regiment and relocated to San Diego, California. Deactivated 10 September 1927. Reactivated 5 January 1928 at San Diego, California as the 2d Battalion, 11th Regiment. Deployed during January 1928 to Corinto, Nicaragua and assigned to the 2d Brigade. Deactivated 20 August 1929 on board the USS Henderson while en route to the United States.


Reactivated 1 January 1941 at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as the 2d Battalion, 11th Marines, 1st Brigade. Relocated during April 1941 to Parris Island, South Carolina. Deployed during June 1942 to Wellington, New Zealand. Participated in the following World War II campaigns: Guadalcanal, Finschhafen, New Britain, Peleliu, Okinawa. Redeployed during September 1945 to Tientsin, China, and participated in the occupation of North China September 1945 to December 1946. Reassigned during January 1947 to Fleet Marine Force and redeployed during January - February 1947 to Guam. Relocated during April-May 1947 to Camp Pendleton, California and reassigned to the 3d Marine Brigade. Relocated during July 1947 to the 1st Marine Division and relocated during August 1947 to Barstow, California. Deactivated 30 September 1947.


Reactivated 7 August 1950 at Camp Pendleton as the 2d Battalion, 11th Marines, 1st Marine Division and deployed during August-September 1950 to Kobe, Japan. Participated in the Korean War, operating at Inchon-Seoul, Chosin Reservoir, East Central front, Western front. Participated in the Korean Demilitarized Zone July 1953-March 1955. Relocated during March 1955 to Camp Pendleton, California.


Deployed during February-March 1966 to Camp Hansen, Okinawa. Redeployed during May 1966 to the Republic of Vietnam. Participated in the war in Vietnam May 1966-March 1971, operating from Chu Lai, Tam Ky, Hue/Phu Bai, Thon Back Thack, Cao Doi, An Hoa. Relocated during March-April 1971 to Camp Pendleton, California.


Deployed during December 1990 with Regimental Landing Team 5, 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade to southwest Asia. Participated in the defense of Saudi Arabia January 1991. Participated in liberation of Kuwait, January-May 1991 operating in Um Guar Al-Juba, Al Wafrah. Participated in Bangladesh relief effort Operation Sea Angel May 1991. Relocated on 29 June 1991 to Camp Pendleton, California.


Deployed during January 2003 with the 1st Marine Division to Kuwait. Participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom in support of Regimental Combat Team 5. Relocated during August 2003 to Camp Pendleton, California. During August 2004, while operating as provisional military police, deployed with the 1st Marine Division to Camp Ramadi, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II. The battalion transitioned from the legacy M198 155mm howitzer system to the M777 155mm howitzer as its primary weapon system. 


Batteries continued to deploy as both traditional artillery and provisional military police elements in support of the Global War on Terror.  In 2008, the Battalion again deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom, this time as a provisional Civil Affairs Group. In 2009, the Battalion returned and reconstituted, serving again as traditional cannon artillery.  Deployed in 2012 to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan as an artillery battalion. 


For the past decade, the battalion has continued to support both Global War on Terror and Global Force Management deployments at the firing battery and Battalion Fire Support Team level.  Units deployed to the Central Command and Indo-Pacific theaters as part of Marine Expeditionary Units and Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force formations.  As the Marine Corps continues to transition with both weapon systems and formations, 2d Battalion remains ready to support ground and naval formations with surface fires from our primary weapon system. 





"Every Marine and Sailor of 1st Marine Division will be treated with decency, dignity, and respect, and will be provided full and equal opportunity for professional development and success. We are an elite institution of warriors. It is our shared responsibility to ensure the continued health of our collective soul and identity."


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      • New Join/ Check-in Information

        Upon receiving orders to the command, call the battalion admin section (S1 shop) at (760) 725- 3212 to communicate your planned timeline for arrival and any challenges you foresee with travel, housing, or family concerns. 

        Check-in location is in the 43 Area of Camp Pendleton, referred to as Camp Las Pulgas. 

        The Uniform for check in is service "A".  Bring a copy or original of the following documents:

        • All Original Orders
        • Receipts for travel claim
        • SRB/OQR
        • Dependent information (if not currently in DEERS)
          1. Birth Certificate/Supporting Docs
          2. Marriage License/Divorce decree
        • Certified copy Pg 3 & dependency application for on-base housing (married Marines)
        • Medical Record / Dental Record
        • Personal Weapon Registration if applicable
        • Drivers License / Car Registration/ Proof of Insurance
      • Patriot Welcome

        • Welcome to 2d Battalion, 11th Marines.  The “Patriots” of 2/11 are excited to welcome the next generation of warfighters into our ranks to continue the legacy of Marines and Sailors who served the guns across numerous battlefields and continents.  As you prepare for your transition into this historic unit, please make use of the following information pages listed below to become acquainted with the resources on Camp Pendleton and within the 1st Marine Division.  Marines and Sailors who are assigned to the battalion should reach out to the battalion administration section (S1) via phone at (760) 725- 3212 upon receiving orders. 
        • Social Media
          • Official 2/11 Facebook page (public): XXXXXXXXX
          • 2/11 Spouses Facebook page (private): XXXXXXXXX
          • Sponsor City Facebook page (public):  Irvine Marine Adoption Committee (IMAC): XXXXXXXXX
        • Useful Links to Camp Pendleton Resources

        Family Housing: https://www.pendleton.marines.mil/Family/Family-Housing/

        Household Goods (DMO): https://www.pendleton.marines.mil/Services/DMO/

        School Liaison: https://www.pendleton.marines.mil/Services/School-Liaison/

        Family Care: https://www.mccscp.com/familycare/


Officer Of the Day (OOD) (760) 725-1906 

Chaplain (760) 390-4936 

Adjutant (760) 725-1884 

UVA (760) 500-2507 

Equal Opportunity Representative (760) 725-2529 

2nd Battalion, 11th Marines
PO BOX 555524
Camp Pendleton,
CA 92055-5524

Battalion SharePoint Site (CAC Enabled) - https://eis.usmc.mil/sites/2bn11mar/default.aspx

Camp Pendleton
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2nd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment Leaders

Commanding Officer, 2d Battalion, 11th Marines

LtCol J. J. Colwell

Lieutenant Colonel Colwell is a native of Corpus Christi, Texas and was commissioned in 2004 from the United States Naval Academy....

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Sergeant Major, 2nd Battalion, 11th Marines

SgtMaj D. O. Gonzalez

Sergeant Major González enlisted in the Marine Corps on October 19, 1998.  He attended Recruit Training at MCRD San Diego, Marine Combat Training at Camp Pendleton, and Cannon Crewman's Course at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where he received the MOS 0811 Basic Artilleryman....

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