SUAS/CSUAS Integration Course
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Course Description
The course improves the ability of small unit leaders to integrate Group 1 sUAS in support of the ground scheme of maneuver at the Company level and below. This includes improved integration into mission planning, RSTA, and fire support planning and execution. It begins with re-baselining students’ understanding of system capabilities and limitations. It includes the practical application of sUAS integration with supporting arms and emerging TTPs to weaponize Group 1 sUAS. The course consists of a primer on C-sUAS TTPs and systems and surveys of current and emerging trends in sUAS / C-UAS. Course content nests with emerging 7316 doctrine and training. The course includes live-fire sUAS CFF, dropping grenades with sUAS, and employment of C-sUAS systems. Course OIC: 1stLt McMahon, (10) training days, (6) courses for FY25, (6) “modified” Fire Support Teams and individual Marines can be added as “bolt-ons”.
Target Population Description
Student Quantity
  • Minimum:  3 x "Modified" FiSTs
  • Maximum:  6 x "Modified" FiSTs
Student Requirements (Modified FiST)
  • Team Leader
  • Forward Observer
  • Radio Operator
  • 2 x sUAS Operators (Trained in a mix of two: SkyDio, SkyRaider, or PUMA)
  • Additional students are welcomed as “bolt-ons”


Course Dates
Status: Completed
SUAS/CSUAS 2-24 (10/30 Seats)
Registration Status: Open
Registration Deadline:  01 July 2024
Convene Date:  15 July 2024
Report Date: 15 July 2024
Graduation: 26 July 2024
SUAS/CSUAS 3-24 (0/30 Seats)
Registration Status:  Open
Registration Deadline:  26 August 2024
Convene Date:  09 September 2024
Report Date:  09 September 2024
Graduation:  20 September 2024


Nomination Process
Units should submit their nominations via the "Submit a Nomination" tab facilitated by MS Forms.
Registration will close if a class reaches its maximum seat capacity ahead of the registration closed date. If this happens, the following class’s registration will open early. This will be communicated during the nomination process.
Class seat capacity is shown next to the class number. This is driven by factors such as staff guidance and physical space. These seat dates may change slightly throughout the year.
Units may request to have Marines added to the standby roster for classes that are full prior to the report date. Standby Marines must still meet the requirements outlined below. Marines that are not accepted as standbys will be offered preferential seating for the next following course.
Seat availabilities are shown as (Seats Taken/Maximum Seats)
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Coordinating Instructions
Contact Us
Deputy Director
Captain A. Ramos
Office Number: 760-725-8757
Operations Chief
Gunnery Sergeant P. S. Collier
Office Number: 760-725-8759
Training Chief
Staff Sergeant Arthur F. Renteria
Office Number: 760-725-8758
Course OIC, SUAS/CSUAS Integration Course
First Lieutenant James M. McMahon
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