Blazon: A rectangle per fess red and gold bordered black, inscribed THE CANNON COCKERS in chief gold and 11th Marines in base red with a muzzle loading field cannon and ramrod in natural colors.

Nickname: The Cannon Cockers

Symbolism: The Regiment’s insignia recalls the close association with the British Army’s 42nd Field Artillery Regiment during the Korean War (1950 – 1953) by use of the Royal Artillery Crest – the field cannon and backing with the red and gold colors of the United States Marine Corps. The nickname and the title identify the Regiment.

History: The Regiment was presented its insignia by the Staff Non-Commissioned Officers of the 42nd Royal Field Artillery Regiment – in the form of a plaque – near Munsan-ni, Korea on 7 September 1954. A similar plaque remains with the 42nd.





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