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Welcome Aboard!

Congratulations on joining 2d Battalion, 4th Marines (2/4), an organization that enjoys a rich and renowned tradition.  The battalion came into being at Shanghai, China, on 18 September 1932; making us part of the great "China Marine" legacy.  Our famous nickname, “the Magnificent Bastards”, was officially established by Battalion Order 5600.1B on 24 September 1966 while the battalion was deployed to Vietnam.  2/4 carries a legacy that few can claim including the Dominican Republic, China, Corregidor, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  For over two centuries, 2/4 Marines have epitomized soldierly virtue and brotherhood, building on a distinguished legacy that makes us proud to claim the title “United States Marine” and “the Magnificent Bastards.”  You and your family now belong to a United States Marine infantry battalion that is second to none.

Here at Camp Pendleton we are part of the 5th Marine Regiment, the "Fighting Fifth," and proudly wear the Regiment's French Fourragere on our uniforms.  This device, earned in World War I, sets us apart and reminds all who meet us that we serve in the most decorated Regiment in the Corps.

We are strong today because of the many fine Marines and Sailors in 2/4.  We are honored to have you and your family in our ranks.  The extended 2/4 family includes spouses, children, parents, our adopted town of San Clemente, and the many veterans across the nation with whom we remain connected.  No matter where you travel in the United States, you are sure to find someone with a proud connection to the Magnificent Bastards.

This great history continues because of the outstanding people in the battalion.  We have the best Officers, Staff Noncommissioned Officers, and Noncommissioned Officers in the Marine Corps. It takes all of us working together to build upon the hard-earned Magnificent Bastard reputation. This is equally true for family readiness.  Our Deployment Readiness Coordinator possesses a wealth of experience and runs an excellent program, and whether you are married or single.  I encourage you to take full advantage of his services and support.

It is my privilege to lead such a fine organization, and I am humbled by our legacy and the abilities of today's Marines and Sailors.  I look forward to the next chapter of Magnificent Bastard history.

We have instituted a “Magnificent Bastard Welcome Brief” and will seek to update it regularly.

The end state is:

1.      Reduce the stress of joining an infantry battalion or first operational duty assignment.

2.      Introduce our Marines and Sailors to the tools, institutions, and programs available to them in the battalion, regiment, and base.

3.      Discuss what is expected of you and what you can expect from your leadership.

4.      Inform you on the proud traditions and history of 2/4 and what it means to be a Magnificent Bastard.

5.      Expose them to the Deployment Readiness Coordinator and Single Marine Program.

6.      Discuss Social Media and how you and your families/friends can stay connected to 2/4.

The integration begins at graduation from the School of Infantry or other entry-level training.  2/4 will make every attempt to be involved in the transition from school to the battalion.  At 2/4 our Marines and Sailors will receive briefs and discussion opportunities on the following:

1.      Battalion Commander and Sergeant Major guidance and vision

2.      Active Policies:  Equal Opportunity, Family Readiness, Hazing, Safety, Uniform Victim Advocate, and Violence Prevention

3.      Social Media connections

4.      Briefed on the current training and operational plans

5.      Review 2/4 Infantry Battalion task organization

6.      Family Readiness Team (DRC, Chaplain, Military & Family Life Consultant, and Single Marine Program Rep) updates/opportunities

7.      Open up for questions and comments

Squad Leaders will show new Marines and Sailors around the camp.  One of the first stops is the Memorial Garden, where the Squad Leaders will explain to them the importance of their training and an appreciation for the accomplishments and sacrifices throughout our Regiment.  The tour also includes the Marine Corps Exchange area, Learning Center, Single Marine Program Center, Subway, Armory, Communications Compound, Battalion Aid Station, Dental, Obstacle Course, Gas Chamber, Landing Zone, Postal Office, Regimental Headquarters, S-1/Administration Office, Dining Facility, Supply, Motor Pool, all of the company barracks and offices, and the company bulletin boards.  Finally, each Marine and Sailor will be ceremoniously presented his French Fourragere in a regimental ceremony.

This program will ensure all of our Marines and Sailors are greeted as family and professionals and are given the opportunity to succeed.  It also demonstrates to our new Marines and Sailors the proper way to welcome and develop a fellow Magnificent Bastard.  Cohesiveness will be built everyday through our brand name, training, physical training, and accomplishing challenging goals together.

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