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Deployment Readiness Coordinator
Mark A. Sperling
2d Battalion 4th Marines
(760) 763-1561 Office
(760) 277-3491 Cell
(866) 676-0662 Hotline


Commanders Intent and Policy Statement

Personal and family readiness is the ability of the individual Marine, Sailor, and their family to successfully balance the challenges of a military lifestyle, family, career, and mission events.  Achieving and maintaining a high state of personal and family readiness is the responsibility of every Marine and Sailor.

As a member of the 2/4 Team, I take personal ownership of the Family Readiness Program.  The program offers direct support to Marines, Sailors, and their family members through Official Communication, Information and Referral, Readiness and Deployment Support, and Volunteer Management.  The program is not a replacement of small unit leadership, but rather an enhancement and support function to assist our Battalion.

MISSION: 2/4, in coordination with all available resources, will plan, coordinate, and execute a family readiness program that seeks to instill unwavering communication with families in order to enhance family involvement and understanding as to what their Marine/Sailor does in 2/4.

PURPOSE: Enhance communication and family involvement.

METHOD: To achieve this, we will establish the following monthly waypoints to seek participation from families and provide venues for families, Marines, and Sailors to have a voice and be heard.

  • A Command Team meeting once a month
  • A family function once a month
  • A Family Readiness Assistants meeting once a month (volunteers welcome)
  • A town hall meeting once a quarter for families to receive information and have a voice
ENDSTATE: 2/4 is balanced with our approach to inform families, provide a constant feedback loop for families, Marines, and Sailors through events and social media.

Our full-time Deployment Readiness Coordinator, Mr. Mark Sperling, works proactively to meet the family readiness needs of our command.  He uses information from a wealth of resources both on and off base as empowerment tools to promote readiness.  He also supports a team atmosphere to limit isolation and hardship.  He can be contacted at (760) 763-1561 (office), (760) 277-3491 (cell), or by e-mail at


          J. L. REDDINGER
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