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Activated 27 November 1913 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as the 2nd Advance Base Regiment
Relocated during December 1913 to Pensacola, Florida
Assigned during January 1914 to the 1st Advance Base Brigade
Participated in the Vera Cruz Operation, March-November 1914
Relocated during December 1914 to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Participated in the Haitian Campaign, August 1915 - May 1916
Participated in the Occupation of Dominican Republic, May - December 1916
Redesignated 1 July 1916 as the 1st Regiment
Reassigned during November 1916 to the 2nd Provisional Brigade
Deactivated 20 December 1916 at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Reactivated 25 January 1917 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and assigned to the Fixed Defense Force


Relocated during November 1918 to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Reassigned during December 1918 to the 6th Provisional Brigade
Relocated during June 1919 to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and detached from the 6th Provisional Brigade
Relocated during October 1920 to Quantico, Virginia
Assigned during December 1920 to the 3rd Brigade
Deactivated 22 April 1922
Reactivated 1 August 1922 at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and assigned to the 2nd Brigade
participated in the occupation of the Dominican Republic, August 1922 - July 1924
Deactivated 1 July 1924 at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Reactivated 15 March 1925 at Quantico, Virginia
Redesignated 10 July 1930 as the 1st Marines
Deactivated 1 November 1931


Reactivated 1 March 1941 at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and assigned to the 1st Marine Division
Relocated during April 1941 to Parris Island, South Carolina
Relocated during February 1942 to New River, North Carolina
Deployed during June - July 1942 to Wellington, New Zealand

Participated in the following World War II campaigns:

Eastern New Guinea
New Britain

Participated in the occupation of North China, September 1945-May 1947, October 1947-February 1949
Reactivated 20 May 1947 while on board the USS Henrico in the Yellow Sea
Reactivated 1 October 1947 at Tsingtao, China, and assigned to Fleet Marine Force, Western Pacific
Relocated during February 1949 to Camp Pendleton, California, and reassigned to the 1st Marine Division
Deactivated 1 October 1949


Reactivated 4 August 1950 at Camp Pendleton, California, and assigned to the 1st Marine Division
Deployed during September 1950 to Kobe, Japan

Participated in the Korean War, September 1950 - July 1953, operating from:

Chosin Reservoir
East Central Front
Western Front
Participated in the defense of the Korean Demilitarized Zone

July 1953 - April 1955
Relocated during April 1955 to Camp Pendleton, California
Participated in the Cuban missile crisis, October-December 1962


Deployed during August 1965 - January 1966 to the Republic of Vietnam

Participated in the war in Vietnam, August 1965 - June 1971 operating from:

Da Nang
Chu Lai
Phu Bai
Quang Tri
Camp J.E. Muir
Camp D.M. Oerdue
Dong Ha
Cua Viet
Khe Sanh
Duong Son

Detached during April 1971 from the 1st Marine Division and reassigned to the 3rd Marine Amphibious Brigade
Relocated during May - June 1971 to Camp Pendleton, California, and reassigned to the 1st Marine Division

1972 – 2014


Participated in Operation New Arrival, the relocation of refuges from Indochina, April - May 1975
Participated in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Southwest Asia, August 1990 - April 1991
Element participated in Operation United Shield, Somalia, February - March 1995
Element participated in Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan, December 2001 - February 2002
Deployed during January 2003 to Kuwait in support of Operation Enduring Freedom
Participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq, March - July 2003 and February 2004 - April 2005, January 2008 - January 2009
Participated in Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan, September 2010 - October 2011, February - August 2014
Element Participated in Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan, December 2011 - February 2012, June - December 2012






1st Marine Division