Family Readiness Officer
Mrs. Sebrina King
Phone #: (760) 500-2539




Letter from the Family Readiness Officer

I was raised a Marine Corps BRAT and have been married to my Marine (now Retired)  for 26 years now. I have 4 children and have first hand knowledge of how deployments can affect a person. Although, it is challenging at times, I so glad that I experienced this lifestyle.  It has given me the chance to grow and thrive. 

I have been with 1st Battalion, 4th Marines for almost 12 years (September 25, 2008).  I have been here for the families, Marines & supporters through many deployments.  I may not have all of the answers but will provide you with the necessary resources available to help you throughout the cycle. 

Again, the assistance I provide is not only available during deployments but throughout your Marine's time here with 1/4. I am the direct link of communication between the Battalion Commander and the Families. Communication is the key to readiness.

The Family Readiness Program provides ALL Marines the option of having up to four (4) authorized contacts. The information I can provide to you will depend on the Marine's Contact Authorization Form. The information that I will be providing is completely "friendly". I am NOT involved with any type of casualty or injured assistance calls. This information will be handled by Headquarters Marine Corps. So, rest assured, when you hear from me, it is to offer support or to share official communication from the Command Team.

Whether you are experienced or new to this lifestyle, there are great workshops available through The Marine Corps Family Team Building. They offer great programs here at Camp Pendleton; including L.I.N.K.S Workshops (Lifestyle, Insight, Networking, Knowledge & Skills) for Spouses, Teens and Marines. They will be offering an online version of L.I.N.K.S for Parents and Siblings soon. CREDO (Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation) offers great retreats for individuals, Couples and Families. These are just a few programs that are available. For more information, please shoot me an email.

If you would like to volunteer, there are many opportunities available. The Command Team is always looking for Morale Support Volunteers. These volunteers are open to anyone interested. Again, please contact me for more information.

The Battalion is always seeking volunteers, so if you are interested, please let me know.  There are many different areas to volunteer.

Please do not hesitate in contacting me. I am here for you.

There are several ways to contact me; by email at or by phone at 760-500-2539.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Sebrina King
1/4 Deployment Readiness Coordinator


What is the Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program?

The Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program provides support to the individual Service Member and their family to successfully balance life, career and mission events.  This support is provided through proactive outreach and intervention using Official Communication, Information, Referrals and Resources to build personal resiliency and maintain both Unit and Personal Readiness and Deployment Support.  This support is extend to the Service Members entire family and includes children, spouses, parents and other extended family members.

Who can participate?

Everyone is encouraged to participate.  This includes parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses, fiancĂ©es, children and more.  If you are interested, we’d love to have you.

Why the change?

Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps conducted a study that found our volunteers were overworked and overburdened.  By having a civilian Deployment Readiness Coordinator ((DRC), it removes a majority of the burden from the volunteers.  This frees up volunteers to support and interact with the unit’s families and participate in the events they enjoy.  The expanded roles also allow the volunteers to tailor their participation to what they enjoy.  If you enjoy planning events, you can be a Family Readiness Volunteer.  If you would rather provide input and help shape the program, then the Family Readiness Advisor role is perfect for you.  The goal is to provide our volunteers with more choices and less stress while maintaining that vital family contact.

Who do I contact to sign-up/ ask questions?

Contact the Deployment Readiness Coordinator for more details.








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