7th Marine Regiment Commander's Equal Opportunity Statement:

Since the birth of our Corps, Marines and Sailors from diverse racial, religious, and economic backgrounds have lived, worked, and fought together in defense of each other, our Corps, and our nation.  Parents have entrusted their sons and daughters to us with the knowledge that those who wear the eagle, globe, and anchor have a well-earned reputation for taking care of each other - they deserve nothing less.  The strength of 7th Marine Regiment can be attributed to our diverse nature and focus on mission accomplishment.  We will continue to provide Equal Opportunity for all of our civilian and military members without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, or national origin.  Our Equal Opportunity practices will be consistent with the law and regulations regarding physical and mental abilities of our Marines and consistent with Marine Corps policy.  Performance will be the parameter by which we evaluate all command members.

My position on this subject is clear.  Discrimination in any form, to include sexual harassment, will not be tolerated.  Not only is discrimination fundamentally inconsistent with our core values of honor, courage, and commitment, it impedes our ability to perform our mission.  Every member of the command possesses an absolute right to fair and equal treatment.   Each member in the chain of command is obligated to create a climate conducive to identifying, reporting, and eliminating discrimination.

Prompt and vigorous action will be taken where and when deviations from this obligation are discovered.  Anyone who believes he or she has been discriminated against, harassed, or a witness of such behavior has the responsibility of informing the chain of command or the unit Equal Opportunity Representative.  The Informal Resolution System (IRS) should be used to resolve issues at the lowest level possible.  In the event issues cannot be resolved utilizing the IRS, members of the command may file formal complaints; Request Mast is the preferred method.  Any person found guilty of improper conduct, or those failing to report such incidents, will be held fully accountable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The importance of treating each other with respect, dignity, compassion, and fairness cannot be overstated, and our ability to accomplish the mission depends on it.

U.S. Marine Corps


Command Equal Opportunity Manager

CWO2 Marcus D. Gilmore