Cell Phone: 406-792-5315

Base Duty Chaplain Number: 760-861-4739  



The Navy Chaplain Corps Core Capabilities:

Provide professional religious ministry through worship services, religious education, weddings, funerals, and other religious rituals and rites.

Facilitate for the religious needs of our people from other religious traditions by identifying their religious needs and coordinating support from other chaplains, civilian clergy, and lay leaders.

Care for all service members and families with complete confidentiality, dignity, respect and compassion, regardless of an individual’s beliefs. This includes making informed and professional referrals to help our people develop the spiritual resilience to cope with the inevitable hardships of military life.

Advise commanding officers on the accommodation of religious needs; on the spiritual, moral, ethical well-being of our people; and on religious matters that affect the command’s mission.

1st Marine Division