Friends and Family

Welcome to the Fox Company website. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Captain Jonathan Morris, commanding officer of Fox Company. My wife Katya and I have been married for six years and have two small boys and one on the way. My wife and I are intimately aware of the challenges our Marine families face because of the decade long wars our military has been involved in. Although Fox Company will most likely not see combat, we will once again leave our families in early 2012 when we deploy to Okinawa, Japan. We are diligently working to prepare our Marines for the challenges of a deployment. This includes balancing the needs of our wives and children. I sincerely hope to forge a Fox family united in the support for our hardworking Marines and appreciative of the sacrifice our families endure to support the defense of our homeland.

Capt. J. D. Morris
Fox Company
Commanding Officer
1st Marine Division