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1st Marine Division
Unit Logo
1st LAR Bn | Contact Information


Battalion Officer of the Day: Desk (760) 725-2896 / Mobile (760) 207-1640

Battalion Chaplain: Office (760) 390-2688

Battalion Deployment Readiness Coordinator: Office (760) 763-4875

S-1 Administration/Legal: Office (760) 725-2896

S-2 Intelligence/Security Management: (760) 725-2656

S-3 Operations: Office (760) 725-2044

S-4 Logistics: Office (760) 725-2654

S-6 Communications-Electronics: Office (760) 725-2233

Headquarters & Services Company "Hellhound": Office (760) 725-2437

Company A "Arthur": Office (760) 763-4488

Company B "Blackwatch": Office (760) 763-1935

Company C "Warpig": Office (760) 725-2896


Camp Pendleton Directory Assistance: (760) 725-4111


Unit Mailing Address
1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
Box 555564
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055


  Veterans Crisis Line Logo

If you recognize warning signs or believe someone is in immediate danger, call 911 or seek help from a mental health care provider. To learn more, visit Veterans Crisis Line or call 1-877-476-7734.


MCCS Camp Pendleton
Community Counseling Center
Tel: +1 (760) 763-3222
Talk to a counselor: +1 (800) 342-9647



1st Marine Division