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Lt Conrad Delaney
Office: 760-725-2612
Cell: 801-391-9547
Email: conrad.t.delaney@usmc.mil


Welcome to the Chaplain’s page.

It is our privilege and honor to serve all the Marines, Sailors and families that are part of this dynamic command. If we can be of any service to you or your family please feel free to contact us at any time by phone or email.

What does a Chaplain do?

As a Chaplain it is my primary duty to provide care for all Marines, Sailors and their families regardless of their religious beliefs or faith backgrounds. Being in the military can cause a great deal of stress in our work and in our families, especially during a deployment. I have received training that enables me to come along side individuals and families to help them manage these stressors in their lives in a way that will enable them to grow from them and move forward. Chaplains are mandated that everything discussed with them is considered “Privileged” and is strictly confidential. In other words, whatever is shared with the chaplain cannot be shared with anyone else. This insures that there is always someone that a service member or family member can talk to regardless of what is going on in their life. Because of my position, I go wherever the Battalion goes. This gives every Marine and Sailor access to someone safe to talk to no matter where we are or what activity we are engaged in.

My second major role is to provide and facilitate the free exercise of religious beliefs. One of the great privileges of being a citizen of the United States is our religious freedoms. The best way I can insure my own freedom is to make sure that everyone has freedom to practice their faith. I provide worship services in the field and coordinate with Chaplains of different faith backgrounds to provide religious services to insure that every Marine and Sailor has an opportunity to worship according to their own faith perspective. I am a protestant chaplain and I work hard to provide services to as many service members as I can. Please know that I am constant in prayer for our Marines, Sailors and their families.

Finally, I serve as an advisor to the command on issues of morale, ethics and religion.

What do I hope for?

My hope is that every Marine, Sailor and family member has the opportunity to develop and grow in all areas of their lives including their faith. Our faith can offer stability in times of change and great turmoil. When we take a few minutes and focus on something other than the routines of daily life, it provides an opportunity for us to refresh our mind and spirit. I encourage each member to spend some time each day in reading, prayer, and meditation; to find others that share a common faith perspective at home or in the field to provide strength and encouragement in your own personal journey of faith. I believe that faith will give Marines and Sailors a chance to be refreshed and results in a well rounded individual, family member, Marine or Sailor.




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