Family Readiness
Deployment Readiness Coordinator/Family Readiness Officer
Mrs. Jessica Page 
Phone #: (760) 725-9564
Phone #: (442) 232-9998


Dear Family/Friends

On behalf of the Commanding Officer, Marines and Sailors, welcome to the 5th Battalion, 11th Marines Family! My name is Jessica Page, and I am the Family Readiness Officer (FRO) for 5/11. As the FRO, I will serve as a liaison for you and the command. Our family readiness mission is to equip both Marines and families with the tools they need to meet the challenges of military life.

The primary goal of the Family Readiness Officer is to:

 * Provide official two-way command communication

 * Provide information and Referral Services

 * Provide Readiness and Deployment Support

We help our families learn to help themselves. Often the greatest comfort one can have is to know they have someone to turn to for assistance and guidance. Our Marines and Sailors can better focus on their mission knowing their families have someone to turn to. Information and referral is the cornerstone of the program which is made for the unique demands of military life.

Please know that I am here to answer your questions or concerns regarding our family readiness program. I can also be a great resource for referrals and guidance. I take great pleasure in serving and supporting you. I will ensure to the best of my abilities you receive accurate and timely information as well as providing you with the support and resources your family needs. Please log onto our Battalion website listed below.

I look forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Jessica Page

Family Readiness Officer



Fifth Battalion, Eleventh Marines’ Family Readiness Program (FRP) is a commander’s program that provides support to individual service members and their families. The ultimate goal of 5/11’s FRP is to help our Marines and Sailors focus on their missions knowing that their families are well-supported and informed in their absence. The command depends on the FRP to pass on important information and serve as a support and feedback system for families in the unit. In addition, 5/11 families can count on the FRP to offer:
- Information and referrals to base, Marine Corps and unit resources
- Deployment readiness training, resources, support and guidance
- Career/volunteer opportunities for unit family members
- Morale
-boosting and community building events
- Opportunities for family members to learn more about the Marine Corps, unit and the support systems available
- Intervention and support when faced with challenges
- Information from the command through official communication
- Support extended to the entire unit family to include children, spouses, parents and other extended family members.


Anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate. This can include parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses, fiancées, children and more. If you are interested, we’d love to have you as an active member of our community.


No matter how much or little time you can give, your contribution and involvement in 5/11’s FRP is valuable. You can choose to be involved in different ways. Our Family Readiness Team includes the following types of volunteers:


Most units have at least one Family Readiness Advisor, and typically the advisor is a spouse of a senior Marine in the unit, however, we want our team to represent our unit as a whole and ensure everyone in the 5/11 community has a voice. We currently have one appointed advisor, and we’re looking for representatives who fit into each of these categories:
- Parent representative
- Single Marine representative: Sgt Lucio
- Senior enlisted spouse representative
- Junior enlisted spouse representative
- Senior officer spouse representative
- Junior officer spouse representative
- An EFMP family member representative

Family Readiness Advisors are individuals who work on the Family Readiness Command Team (FRCT) to provide feedback and suggestions to the FRO and command team. FR Advisors are leaders on the battalion FRT who help shape our program. A family readiness advisor embodies the commander’s goals and intents and helps ensure that all unit members have a “voice”.


These individuals work closely in support of the family readiness command team and the FRO by helping to execute the commander’s intent with regard to the unit family readiness program. They work closely in support of service members and their families to provide resources and referrals when necessary. Our goal is to have a minimum of 3-5 Family Readiness Assistants per company. Our current readiness assistants are:
- Bn Advisor 
- HQ Btry 
- R Btry 
- S Btry 
- T Btry 

We are looking for volunteers with Marines/Sailors of all ranks and experience.


These are individuals who volunteer to participate and help specific events. These volunteers assist with the planning, coordination and execution of the event.


You may contact our Family Readiness Officer.






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