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1st Marine Division
5th Battalion, 11th Marines


The mission of 5th Battalion, 11th Marines is to provide the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) with timely and accurate rocket and missile fires in a general support, general support-reinforcing and reinforcing role in order to suppress, neutralize, or destroy the enemy. This support includes accurate, responsive and long-range fire to establish operational depth, counter-fire to defeat fire support systems, and assistance in integrating all fire support assets into combat operations.

5th Battalion 11th Marines Leaders

Lieutenant Colonel Nickolas D. Whitefield
Commanding Officer, 5th Battalion, 11th Marines

Lieutenant Colonel Whitefield was born on 11 October 1980 in 29 Palms, CA.  He attended Texas A&M

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Major William E. Harley
Executive Officer, 5th Battalion, 11th Marines

A native of Alexandria, Virginia, Major Harley holds an undergraduate degree in International

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SgtMaj J. P. Martinez
Sergeant Major, 5th Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment

Sergeant Major Martinez is a native of Gallup, New Mexico. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in September 1996.

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1st Marine Division