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 Admin Chief            COMM: 760-830-5029
 Admin Section    COMM: 760-830-5880



 SECNAV M-5216.5  DON Correspondence Manual
 MCO 5216.20B  Supplement to the DON Correspondence Manual
 SECNAVINST 1650.1H  Awards Manual
 Battalion Order 1650.1A  Awards
 MCM (2012)  Manual for Courts-Martial
   Government Printing Office Style Manual
 MCO P5800.16A  Legal Administration Manual
   HQMC Commander’s Legal Reference
   Joint Travel Regulations
   DOD Financial Management Regulations
   How to Update BIC Assignments
   What Receipts do I Need for my Travel Claim
   Keeping your DTS Profile Updated
   How to Apply for a Passport
   Adjutant’s Guidebook
   Administration Reference Guide




       1000   Billet Description Change Request
       1000   Correspondence Routing Form 
       1000   Standard Naval Letter (Garrison) 
       1000   Standard Naval Letter (Deployed)
       1000   Memorandum for the Record
       1070   Professional Resume
       1330    Administrative Action Form
       1616   Counseling Form 
       1616    Reviewing Officer Worksheet 
       1616    Promotion Restriction Page 11 Samples 
       1620   Non-Punitive Letter of Caution
       1650    Letter of Appreciation
       1900   Chain of Command Recommendation
       5800   Provost Marshall's Office Police Report Request 
       5801   General Power of Attorney
       5801   Special Power of Attorney
       5830   Command Investigation
       5830   Preliminary Inquiry