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5th Marine Regiment


5th Marine Regiment

"The Fighting Fifth"

1st Marine Division, Camp Pendleton, Calif.

Col. Rob Weiler
Commanding Officer, 5th Marine Regiment

LtCol Adam Sacchetti
Executive Officer, 5th Marine Regiment

Sergeant Major Justin L. Stokes
Sergeant Major, 5th Marine Regiment

Infantry Weapons Officer (Gunner): Chief Warrant Officer 4 Rodger Turner

Office: (760) 725-0389

Email: rodger.turner@usmc.mil



Chaplain: Lieutenant Commander Ben Mathis

Office: (760) 725-7330

Email: benny.mathis@usmc.mil


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Operations Chief: Master Gunnery Sergeant Larry Robles

Office: (760) 725-7627

Email: larry.robles@usmc.mil


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1) Produce highly trained and lethal infantry battalions in support of global force management requirements

2) Produce a highly trained and effective regimental headquarters prepared to command and control major combat operations

3) Develop 5th Marines' Squad Leaders as proficient leaders in combat and in training

4) Increase the capabilities and readiness of battalion and regimental equipment for inspection and deployment

5) Foster 5th Marines' culture of excellence through professional teamwork, elimination of abusive practices, and education of Marines and Sailors on the Regiment's history

6) Compliance with Marine Corps and Division policies

7) Identify and retain the most qualified Marines

8) Advance the 62 Area's ability to support tenant unit activities

9) Remain good partners with the surrounding and supporting communities