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2d Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment


2d Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment

"The Professionals"

1st Marine Division, Camp Pendleton, Calif.
Command Principles

 I am honored to be a Professional and serve with you in this storied battalion. As we prepare to deploy forward and fight our Nation’s battles, you need to know what is important to me. These Command Principles will be enduring and evident in everything we do.

Brotherhood. This battalion is a family. Every member has already earned the right to be a part of this team. We will have respect and look out for one another at all times. Take ownership of your Marines and Sailors, and ensure no one messes with them.

Strength. Marines who are mentally and physically tough, and possess a strength of will, who never quit, will always win. Tough physical conditioning and challenging training breeds confidence, cohesion, and camaraderie. This will be a part of our culture and daily routine.

Character. Our world is a complex and complicated environment, but there is right and there is wrong. Keep your honor clean, always. We are America’s Finest; we will live right and own our deeds. Leaders must lead by example and have the moral courage to correct others. Our history, customs, and courtesies matter. Do not tarnish the reputation of those heroes that have gone before us.

Discipline. Basic disciplines and continuing actions are the habits of any winning organization. In our business, they are the difference between life and death. Continuing actions are the business of each and every Marine. Mistakes will be made, so long as they do not compromise safety or integrity, we should consider them learning opportunities. Those mistakes made in error of discipline are unacceptable. Drugs, hazing, theft, and disrespect will not be tolerated.

Basics. Mastery in the basics will be the foundation of our success. Keep things simple, master your skill, and teach others. I expect everyone to give his or her best effort. This Battalion’s success will depend on the proficiency of our squads; they are our Main Effort. Every Marine should learn to master his squad’s organic weapons, communications, and combat lifesaving skills. We will do things right, until we can’t do them wrong.

Learn. Read, study, think, write, teach, and reflect. We can all be better at what we do. Have a thick skin. Training mistakes can be productive and serve as learning opportunities, as long as safety or integrity is never compromised. Leaders have a responsibility to teach their subordinates. Reflection creates imagination and is key to learning.

If you have questions to what I expect from you as a member of this Battalion, find me. Semper Fidelis.