Command Principles


I am honored to be a Professional and serve with you in this storied battalion.  Every Marine and Sailor in this command is entitled to a worthwhile and challenging day.  The three tenants below are the foundation for preparing to safeguard the nation.

Teamwork.  This battalion is a family.  All of us are working together for a common purpose.  There are no “us” and “thems” and we can all talk transparently. 

Grit.  Overcome hardships and do difficult things every day to be smarter, stronger, and more lethal.  Most battles are lost in our minds, make sure you are ready to overcome fear, discomfort, and ignorance.

Character.  Our world is a complex and complicated environment, professionals fight with a happy heart in hard times.  Keep your honor clean, always.  Leaders must lead by example and have the moral courage to correct others.  Do not tarnish the reputation of those heroes that have gone before us.

If you have questions to what I expect from you as a member of this Battalion, find me.  Semper Fidelis.


                      G. P. BAKER

                      LtCol, USMC





1st Marine Division