• Welcome Aboard
    • New Join/ Check-in Information

      Upon receiving orders to the command, call the battalion admin section (S1 shop) at (760) 725- 3212 to communicate your planned timeline for arrival and any challenges you foresee with travel, housing, or family concerns. 

      Check-in location is in the 43 Area of Camp Pendleton, referred to as Camp Las Pulgas. 

      The Uniform for check in is service "A".  Bring a copy or original of the following documents:

      • All Original Orders
      • Receipts for travel claim
      • SRB/OQR
      • Dependent information (if not currently in DEERS)
        1. Birth Certificate/Supporting Docs
        2. Marriage License/Divorce decree
      • Certified copy Pg 3 & dependency application for on-base housing (married Marines)
      • Medical Record / Dental Record
      • Personal Weapon Registration if applicable
      • Drivers License / Car Registration/ Proof of Insurance
    • Patriot Welcome
      • Welcome to 2d Battalion, 11th Marines.  The “Patriots” of 2/11 are excited to welcome the next generation of warfighters into our ranks to continue the legacy of Marines and Sailors who served the guns across numerous battlefields and continents.  As you prepare for your transition into this historic unit, please make use of the following information pages listed below to become acquainted with the resources on Camp Pendleton and within the 1st Marine Division.  Marines and Sailors who are assigned to the battalion should reach out to the battalion administration section (S1) via phone at (760) 725- 3212 upon receiving orders. 
      • Social Media
        • Official 2/11 Facebook page (public): XXXXXXXXX
        • 2/11 Spouses Facebook page (private): XXXXXXXXX
        • Sponsor City Facebook page (public):  Irvine Marine Adoption Committee (IMAC): XXXXXXXXX


      • Useful Links to Camp Pendleton Resources

      Family Housing: https://www.pendleton.marines.mil/Family/Family-Housing/

      Household Goods (DMO): https://www.pendleton.marines.mil/Services/DMO/

      School Liaison: https://www.pendleton.marines.mil/Services/School-Liaison/

      Family Care: https://www.mccscp.com/familycare/





PAC Process 

Request Mast (marines.mil)  
1st Marine Division