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1st Marine Division


1st Marine Division

"The Blue Diamond"

Camp Pendleton, Calif.
Archive: 2006

1st Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment newest RCT-5 battalion in Fallujah October 16, 2006
Wounded Iraqi police chief says key to safer Iraq is securing Al Anbar province October 11, 2006
Tankers bring a bit of Kentucky to Iraq October 8, 2006
Marines honor fallen brother with final farewell October 8, 2006
U.S. soldiers, Marines, pay final respects to 2 fallen comrades in Iraq October 7, 2006
‘America’s Battalion’ pays tribute to fallen brother October 7, 2006
Hawaii-based 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines replace sister Marine battalion in Iraq October 7, 2006
'America's Battalion' wraps up six-month Iraq deployment October 6, 2006
Iraqi soldiers assume control of Fallujah Civil-Military Operations Center October 6, 2006
‘Betio Bastards’ honor fallen Marine October 5, 2006