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'Fight Night 4' presents Mike Tyson

17 Mar 2009 | By Lance Cpl. Skyler Tooker

I just heard that "Fight Night Round 4" hits the shelves for Microsoft X-Box 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 on June 30.

This "Fight Night" may be the most-anticipated yet with former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson appearing in a video game for the first time since "Mike Tyson’s Punch out" for the Nintendo Entertainment Systems in 1987.

I know when I played one of the other "Fight Nights," I would create a player resembling Tyson. This is the first time "Fight Night" has had Tyson as a pre-set character.

Tyson’s character is not the only new feature in "Fight Night." You can make the boxers’ speed, power, style and much more affect the outcome of the match. The game producers focused on making this game more realistic. Speed, style, strength and strategy, are the four S’s that have improved this edition.

The four S’s will play an integral part in improving the game, giving each boxer all their true boxing abilities. For example, Tyson is known not only for his antics in and out of the ring, but also his speed and power. This will take a toll on his opponent if the gamer utilizes the boxer strengths correctly.

In the previous "Fight Nights," you could use ice to smooth out the boxer’s face between rounds. However in "Round 4," you have to worry about over icing the boxer’s face and be aware of the boxers overall health.

I think this will be the best "Fight Night" yet because I think Tyson is one of the greatest fighters of all time and I’m looking forward to playing him against other great fighters such as Muhammed Ali and Evander Holyfield.

Perhaps gamers will even get a chance to replay Tyson versus Holyfield and have Tyson bite off his other ear.