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Marines with the motor transport section of Headquarters and Services Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines, Regimental Combat Team 7, return from a convoy Dec. 16, 2012. Motor transport is one of the many sections that works closely with other units to keep the Marines in RCT-7’s area of operations well supplied.

Photo by Cpl. Anthony Ward Jr

Logistical hub for northern Helmand keeps Marines equipped

18 Dec 2012 | Cpl. Anthony Ward Jr. 1st Marine Division

COMBAT OUTPOST SHAMSHER, Afghanistan – Marines must remain well equipped to be ready for daily operations in Afghanistan.

Combat Outpost Shamsher provides Marines who operate in the districts of Now Zad, Sangin, Musa Qal’ah and Kajaki, with the logistical capabilities to stay on task and accomplish the mission.

“Without this particular COP, we wouldn’t have a centralized point to push all of our (classes of supply) out of, that being chow, ammo and fuels,” said 1st Lt. Jeffrey Medeiros, assistant logistics officer with Headquarters and Services Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines, Regimental Combat Team 7. “We wouldn’t be able to sustain as far north as we are in Kajaki and all the way down south to Sabit Qadam.”

In addition to Marines with H&S Co., there are many different sections and units represented at COP Shamsher who work together to ensure supplies are pushed out to the areas in need.

“We’ve got two platoons of Marines from Golf Company, (2nd Bn., 7th Marines),” said 1st Sgt. Joseph R. Griffin, first sergeant for H&S Co.

The COP also has Marines with Combat Logistics Battalion 2, 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion, 1st Intelligence Battalion and explosive ordnance disposal Marines from Combat Logistics Regiment 15.

Combat Outpost Shamsher is a centralized location that receives supplies frequently from CLB-2, said Medeiros. Those supplies are then pushed out by the motor transport section to all the companies in the area and support all combat operations to the battalion’s battlespace.

In addition to delivering supplies throughout northern Helmand province, Marines at COP Shamsher are able to conduct critical maintenance on tactical vehicles.

“It’s also a main logistical hub for maintenance,” said Sgt. Michael Kortan, a maintenance management specialist with H&S Co. “All your motor transport second echelon maintenance, communications second echelon maintenance and engineering second echelon maintenance is done here.”

Having the ability to conduct a higher level of maintenance at the COP allows the battalion’s equipment to be repaired quicker.

A constant flow of personnel can be seen aboard COP Shamsher, with the motor transport section running convoy operations throughout the area or supplies being dropped off via helicopter.

Combat Outpost Shamsher epitomizes the meaning of teamwork with many different units combining their efforts to further the mission and keep the troops supplied.


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