2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment


2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment

1st Marine Division


On order, 2d Battalion, 5th Marines conducts expeditionary, combined-arms, and mechanized operations in order to support theater engagement plans and contingency operations.

2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment Leaders
Commanding Officer Welcome Letter

Along with Sergeant Major Travis, allow me to welcome you to the most decorated infantry battalion in the Marine Corps: 2d Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, also known as “2/5.”

As an infantry battalion in the Marine Corps, we are prepared to deploy anywhere in the world to protect our nation’s interests. Our task is demanding and it requires hard work from the team of dedicated warriors who make up this unit.

My expectation of all Marines and Sailors in this battalion is to be honest men with agile minds, big hearts, strong backs, and hard feet.  This simple, but universal, standard represents an ethos of how we live, how we train, and how we fight.  It requires a high level of dedication and commitment, as well as a climate of trust and respect up and down the chain of command.  We focus on mastery of the basics here in 2/5, and expect our Marines and Sailors to be fully capable of fluidly applying infantry skills across a wide spectrum of crisis response tasks.  We are always prepared to locate, close with, and destroy - or protect - or both.

Our battalion motto – “Retreat Hell!” – comes from the 1918 battle of Belleau Wood.  As the Marines approached the site of what would be one the Marine Corps’ most famous battles, retreating French soldiers told the Marines they must retreat before the German onslaught.  Capt Lloyd Williams, at the time a company commander in 2d Battalion, 5th Marines, replied, “Retreat?  Hell, we just got here!”  Our motto reflects the fighting spirit of the Marines and Sailors who have served in 2/5 ever since that famous battle.

Despite the drawdown from major conflicts over the last decade, areas of instability and hostility could threaten our nation’s interests at any time, often with little warning.  The United States has an expectation of its Marines to be the most ready force to respond to this type of instability.  As such, 2/5 will remain poised to respond to any task when the nation calls.  This requires us to be well trained, flexible, and ready. 

All of us at 2/5 recognize that a Marine or Sailor’s deployment readiness and mission effectiveness is directly tied to stability on the home front.  Taking care of our families is a mission critical task for the battalion, and it’s the right thing to do for those who serve and sacrifice so much at home.  My goal is to ensure timely, accurate, and frequent communication with our families so they are always informed and prepared when the nation calls.

Welcome to 2d Battalion, 5th Marines.  We look forward to serving with you.
Retreat Hell!

Lieutenant Colonel Steve Fiscus
Commanding Officer
2d Battalion, 5th Marines

Sergeant Major Travis' Note to Families

The Commanding Officer and I understand that this may be your and your Marine’s or Sailor’s first deployment.  For some, this could be one of many deployments that your family has endured in this Marine Corps journey.  Whether you have been married 20 years or 20 days, the deployments do not get easier, however you should take comfort and pride in the support that you constantly provide for your Marine or Sailor.

The old adage of “failure to plan is planning to fail” could not be truer than when a family prepares for an upcoming deployment.  Take this time to start/build your support network, as well as educate yourself on the many resources that are available to you on this base and throughout the Marine Corps.  We are blessed to have a phenomenal Chaplain and the best Family Readiness Officer in the Marine Corps, supported by a Family Readiness team that is second to none. They are a group of true professionals that stand ready to provide you all the support that is required.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t assume that you are the only one that is having concerns.

I ask that you never forget that your husband/son is a United States Marine or Sailor.  The title may seem to be just a name, but the expectations are large.  The American people want and need him to do a mission and sometimes that mission will require him to be away for long periods of time, missing anniversaries, birthdays and holidays.  I ask that you continue to provide steadfast support of him and be extremely proud of him.

It is a pleasure to serve as the Sergeant Major for the best Battalion in the Marine Corps.  Why is this the best battalion in the Marine Corps?  Because your husband/son is a part of it.

Retreat Hell!

Sergeant Major Lonnie N. Travis                                                   
Battalion Sergeant Major                                                                                  
2d Battalion, 5th Marines