1st Battalion, 1st Marines


1st Battalion, 1st Marines

1st Marine Division

Family Readiness Officer:

Mrs. Sonette D. Avalos
1st Battalion, 1st Marines
Cell: (760) 207-3441
Office: (760) 763-1429

“The Corps most valuable resource is the individual Marine and their family.”

My mission is to provide you with:

• Official Communication

• Information and Referral Services

• Marine And Family Readiness and Deployment Support

The 1/1 Family Readiness Command Team is dedicated to ensuring you are prepared for the unique challenges that come with being the family of a military member. 

The Marine Corps has broadened the definition of a Marine/Sailor’s “family” to include: blood relatives, friends, or other close relationships as designated by the member.  Therefore, the military member choses who he considers family.

I encourage you to participate in the many wonderful community and Battalion Family Readiness events and activities offered.  For the most up-to-date announcements and event details register on our members-only eMarine site (see details below).

Do you want the most up-to-date announcements and event details?  Unit information is available exclusively on our members-only Headquarters & Service Battalion eMarine site.  Registration is accomplished as follows:




1 -- Open your web browser and navigate to http://www.emarine.org

2 - If you have already created a user account in eMarine, login with your User Name and Password

3 -- Click on the "Find a Unit Site" button in the top right portion of the screen

4 -- Click on the Sponsor Search button

5 -- Enter the Sponsor's First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth (MMDD) and click the Search button

6 -- Select the link for Marine Forces Pacific > Headquarters & Service Battalion

7 -- Select the appropriate option to register as a Sponsor or Family Member

8 -- Follow the steps to complete your registration

1/1's Family Readiness Office

(760) 763-1429

1/1's Command Duty Officer

(760) 763-1439

American Red Cross

1-800-951-5600 or (760) 725-6877

Naval Hospital

(760) 725-1288