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1st Marine Division

The Old Breed

Camp Pendleton, CA
Today, 1st Marine Division is a multi-role, expeditionary ground combat force. The Division is employed as the ground combat element (GCE) of I MEF or may provide task-organized forces for assault operations and such operations as may be directed. The 1st Marine Division must be able to provide the ground amphibious forcible entry capability to the naval expeditionary force (NEF) and to conduct subsequent land operations in any operational environment.
Featured Stories
2/4 Marines, families honor fallen Ramadi Marines during 10-year anniversary ceremony

By Lance Cpl. Jonathan Boynes | April 09, 2014

Marines, veterans and their families gathered at the 5th Marine Regiment Memorial Garden to pay their respects to the Marines of 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment during a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the Battle of Ramadi. Not a dry eye could be found among the crowd as Marines laid Purple Heart Medals on top of the Operation Iraqi MORE
Urban Combat Training Divisions Schools familiarizes Marines with urban combat techniques

By Lance Cpl. Joshua Murray | April 09, 2014

The sun glared down on the field as Marines moved into position around the makeshift house as the wind covered the sound of their movement. As they held their positions and waited to conduct the raid, two enemy soldiers waited inside the house, holding a hostage. The Marines raised their weapons and prepared for a raid their instructors wouldn’t MORE
“Magnificent Bastards” Re-familiarize themselves with infantry tactics

By LCpl Ashton Buckingham | April 09, 2014

The sound of mortars echoed through the air as Marines with Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine regiment, maneuvered through the dry, rocky creek bed. Machine guns rained suppressive fire down on the opposing hill in an effort to give the riflemen necessary cover.  For the next three days riflemen, assault men, machine-gunners and mortar-men MORE
Artillery Marines polish skills during battalion fire exercise Artillery Marines polish skills during battalion fire exercise

By Lance Cpl. Jonathan Boynes | April 03, 2014

Marines slogged through thick soupy mud stacking round after round onto wooden pallets, each steadily sinking into the earth. The icy rain and heavy wind crept into their bones slowing the pace of the day. In spite of the harsh conditions, the Marines stayed alert with their heads high and ears open. An order, muffled in static, came through over MORE
Marines Conduct Marine Corps Combat Readiness Evaluation Ohio Marine Participates in Combat Readiness Evaluation with Dark Horse

By Lance Cpl. David Silvano | April 03, 2014

A Marine used to providing security for the President of the United States and the Commandant of the Marine Corps can find it difficult to make the transition to providing security in the field. This was not the case for Lance Cpl. Brandon Bender, a rifleman with Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment. He took part in a Marine Corps Combat MORE
First Battalion, Fifth Marine Regiment Deploying to Australia for Six Months

By Courtesy Story | April 03, 2014

Families and friends will bid farewell to Marines scheduled to deploy to Australia during an event at Camp Pendleton, the morning of April 1st.  The Marines and Sailors of 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, are slated to deploy for six months to Northern Territory, Australia.  While in Australia, the Marines will conduct training with the MORE
Division Combat Camera Sweeps VIAP Competition Division Combat Camera Sweeps VIAP Competition

By Lance Cpl. David Silvano | April 03, 2014

The room sits in silence as the judges deliberate to reach a decision. Years of work and dedication for some culminate to this moment, and it's either heart break or elation when the judges make their call.  For the 1st Marine Division Combat Camera shop here, the overall mood was ecstatic as they excelled in more than nine categories at the 2013 MORE
Marine Paratroopers Take to the Skies Recon Marines take to skies during double-bag static line course

By Lance Cpl. Christopher J. Moore | April 02, 2014

Marines entered the aircraft with their heads bowed against the whipping winds of the propellers as the plane ascended to approximately 6,000 feet in the air. The paratroopers diligently watched the jumpmaster call out in a voice barely heard over the engines of the C-130 Hercules. “Two minutes,” he yelled. The Marines stood up, walked to the back MORE


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