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The Deployment Readiness Coordinator (DRC) is the face of the Commander’s vision, the hub of communication and the Commander’s main point of contact in coordination of the Deployment Readiness Program. They conduct proactive outreach, rapport development and multi-faceted communication efforts to facilitate meaningful two-way communication between the command, its Marines and families. The goal of the DRC is to provide resource information and training in addition to support services to enhance a Marine’s personal and family readiness in response to life, career and mission events.


The Four Roles of a DRC...

Volunteer Management Program

The Deployment Readiness Program draws its strength from the families it serves and the family members who volunteer to assist with the program. Indeed, it is a team effort! If you would like to participate as a volunteer, please contact your DRC.

Official Communication & Family Outreach


We disseminate official information from the Command to the families. Each service member, single and married, has the opportunity to designate who will receive updates and information from us. We also plan special family events, so be sure to have your service member place you on the Deployment Readiness contact list to find out what’s going on.

Information & Referral

We have a wealth of information about activities, programs and facilities available to you. From gyms to child care, restaurants to counseling services, we make sure information about these great resources is available.

Readiness & Deployment Support

We are here to help you adapt to the military lifestyle and assist you with preparation before, during and after deployments. Whether your Marine or Sailor deploys or not, we are here to point you toward skill development and prevention education as you strengthen your family.

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