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1st Marine Division


1st Marine Division

"The Blue Diamond"

Camp Pendleton, Calif.
Archive: 2013

Tactical sight exploitation training prepares Marines for deployment September 16, 2013
Gators conduct surf qualification September 13, 2013
3/5 Marines kick off Honor Bowl September 12, 2013
Corps’ most decorated regiment welcomes new sergeant major September 11, 2013
Infantrymen refine machine gun marksmanship September 10, 2013
Crewmen master AAV’s weapons systems September 4, 2013
Artillery Marines force of destruction when in synch September 3, 2013
Amphibious assault vehicles perform nighttime assault September 3, 2013
Recon Marines conduct swift, silent rescue during training August 29, 2013
Grandchildren of Gen. Vandegrift visit Blue Diamond August 29, 2013