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1st Marine Division


1st Marine Division

"The Blue Diamond"

Camp Pendleton, Calif.
Archive: July, 2004

Lejeune battalion calls in air power to clear the road July 31, 2004
CAAT Marines keep Iraqi highways safe July 30, 2004
Marines, soldiers team up for artillery exercise in Iraq July 29, 2004
Marines cool off with new use for old socks July 27, 2004
Marines train up elite group within Iraqi police forces July 27, 2004
Retired cops help Marines advise Mahmudiyah's policemen July 26, 2004
Iraq-deployed Lejeune battalion creates own fire truck July 25, 2004
Marines deliver Jordanian-donated military gear to Iraq July 25, 2004
Marine battalion defeats attackers in Ar Ramadi again July 23, 2004
Amtrackers decorated with Purple Hearts July 22, 2004