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1st Marine Division


1st Marine Division

Camp Pendleton, CA
1st Recon conducts breaching exercise

By Lance Cpl. Seth Starr | | June 18, 2014

Marines from 1st Reconnaissance Battalion conducted a Methods of Entry proficiency training exercise aboard Camp Pendleton Calif., June 10.  

During the exercise, raid scenarios were tailored for the event to keep the Marines in an operational mindset while honing their skill set for future deployments as the Maritime Raid Force in support of Marine Expeditionary Units. 

The training consisted of explosive and ballistic breaching to doorways and rooftops. Thermal, explosive, ballistic and mechanical breaching are all methods that can be used during a raid.
Sgt. Jonson Oimoen, a training officer with 1st Reconnaissance Battalion’s training cell said that frequently providing this kind of training keeps Marines familiar and up to speed on current methods and procedures.

“We’re trying to give Marines the opportunity to take part in training like this every three months, or at least that’s the goal,” said Oimoen.  “It’s one of those things that you never want to be rusty on.”

Reconnaissance Marines assigned to the MRF utilize a wide variety of skill sets that are complex and require consistent training to maintain a level of precision and excellence.  

Sgt. Mike Pacheco, a training officer with 1st Reconnaissance Battalion’s training cell, said that attention to detail in every aspect of training ultimately ensures mission accomplishment.

“When we go to breach a building during a raid to look for a high value target or individual, we can’t afford to make mistakes,” said Pacheco.  “We make sure we know every step with and without gear or breaching equipment to ensure everyone’s safety and to make sure we get the HVT or HVI.”

Oimoen said that training with professionalism and proficiency in action keeps 1st Reconnaissance Marines’ skills moving forward to meet the needs of Marine Expeditionary Units as a Maritime Raid Force.

“We’re always looking for new ways to get better when executing any kind of breach,” said Oimoen. “Training up for a deployment with a MEU starts with continuing to build on methods that are tried and true.”

1st Reconnaissance Battalion continues to train its Marines in order to support MEUs as a Maritime Raid Force according to the commander’s intent.