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Lance Cpl. Michael S. Dunn (center), an administrative clerk with Regimental Combat Team 5, smiles while participating in Jimmy Kimmel Show via satellite Nov. 25 in Al Asad, Iraq. Two Marines from RCT-5 got to participate in the show, and both had the opportunity to speak to the people in attendance and give individual shout-outs to their families and hometowns. ::r::::n::

Photo by Cpl. Shawn Coolman

Jimmy Kimmel Show supports deployed Marines

25 Nov 2008 | Cpl. Shawn Coolman

To support the deployed Marines in the al-Anbar province, the Jimmy Kimmel Show spotlighted select Marines with 1st Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) via satellite.

Two Marines with Regimental Combat Team 5, Sgt. Chris M. Hayman and Lance Cpl. Michael S. Dunn, joined several 3rd Marine Air Wing (Fwd) Marines early in the morning on Nov. 25 to participate in the show.  

“I’m a big fan of the Jimmy Kimmel Show, and it was really cool to be on the show and to be a part of it,” said Dunn, 20, an administrative clerk from Carthage, Texas.

During the show, both Marines had the opportunity to speak to the people in attendance and give individual shout-outs to their families and hometowns.

“It was a good opportunity for my family to see me and say hello to my hometown,” said Hayman, 22, a satellite communications site chief from Twin Falls, Idaho.

Holiday gift boxes were sent to the Marines in attendance, and through a raffle, each Marine has a chance of winning a gift.  The gifts included laptop computers and MP3 players.

“We sent boxes for you guys over there to make the holidays a little better,” said Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the Jimmy Kimmel Show, to the Marines during the taping of the show.

The show helped both RCT-5 Marines remember that the American people are still behind their deployed service members.

 “It’s awesome that people still support the troops even though this has been a (long war)” said Hayman, who is on his third deployment here.

“It’s a reassuring feeling that America is still concerned about us over here,” added Dunn.

Both Marines were picked for the show on their individual performances.

“Sgt. Hayman puts out the extra effort even when (he doesn’t have to), and I figured he needed a little humor in his life,” said Staff Sgt. Gabriel C. Jaggi, 28, technical control chief, RCT-5, from San Diego.

“He’s a good Marine and he does his job well, so why not let him enjoy a little bit of (fun).”

Thoughts of home often cross the minds of service members during long deployments, and with RCT-5’s yearlong deployment coming to a close soon, thoughts of returning home are on the forefront of everyone’s minds.  

“It was really fun to do the show, and it gives me a good feeling to know that I will be going back to the states very soon,” said Dunn.

Kimmel cordially ended the segment with the deployed Marines by simply saying, “come back safe.”

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