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1/5 finishes deployment preparations

28 Apr 2009 | Lance Cpl. Skyler Tooker 1st Marine Division

Marines from Company C, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, conducted a two day platoon movement and live-fire drill field operation before their upcoming deployment.

The Marines had a designated drop off site where they began their platoon movements toward Range 218A for their live fire drills. During the platoon movements, the Marines practiced making contact with the enemy.

'We have three platoons that got dropped off at different times for the platoon movements,' said Staff Sgt. Marceoino Barajas, 30, a platoon sergeant with Company C, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines Regiment who is from Los Angeles. 'Each platoon started at a different time and during the movements we conducted several ‘contact lefts’ and ‘contact rights’ where we simulated engaging the enemy.'

The Marines traveled over some very steep terrain during their movements to simulate some of the environment they will encounter during their deployment.

'We did this during the last field operation to both get used to the terrain and to get them tired with a little stress as they fired on the range,' said 2nd Lt. Chris J. Cananan, 24, 3rd platoon commander, Company C, 1st Bn., 5th Marines, who is from Spotsylvania, Va. 

Company C conducted platoon movements all the way to Range 218A where they spent the night to conduct their live-fire drills the next day.

'Many of us are focused on the range with the live-fire,' said Cananan. 'The live-fire is to put the Marines in a real world scenario where they are tired and stressed out while having contact with the enemy.'

On the range, Company C, conducted 'failure drills,' which is two aimed shots to the chest and one aimed shot to the head. Others drills included 'box drills,' which is engaging two targets at once with a pair of two shots to the chest of each target.

Another portion of the training included an unknown distance live-fire. The Marines had to engage a target without knowing its distance.

'All these drills are great. Whenever we can practice firing on the range is great for us,' said Lance Cpl. Leonard L. Avery, 20,   Company C, 1st Bn., 5th Marines, from Williamsville, Ill.

The Marines continued to practice platoon movements back to San Mateo to conclude their training.

The regiment just returned from Mojave Viper and this is their final training exercise before their deployment. Though they still have briefs and other classroom training, their hard work will be rewarded with a little time to spend with their loved ones.

'Now the Marines are finished with all their field exercises,' said Cananan. 'Most of the time remaining between now and the deployment the Marines will be spending with their families.'

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