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Families join Corps for a day

3 Apr 2009 | Lance Cpl. Skyler Tooker 1st Marine Division


Headquarters Battalion, 1st Marine Division hosted Jane Wayne Day Apr. 3 at Camp Margarita (33 area) so spouses could get a taste of what their Marines encounter on an everyday basis.

Jane Wayne Day was open to all Marine spouses with the battalion who wanted to enjoy a day-long opportunity to view Marine Corps weapons and gear and participate in combat fitness exercises.

Marines from Truck Company A, HQ Bn., brought a few vehicles out for a static display, such as the seven-ton truck and the armored humvee. Battalion armorers also brought out some weapons for Marine spouses to get behind and examine to see what Marines have to carry while they do their jobs.

“After being involved with the Marine Corps for 14 years, this is my first Jane Wayne Day,” said Linda J. Baird, wife of Lt. Col. Robert A. Baird, 1st Marine Division, G-3. “I think this is outstanding opportunity for spouses to see what their husbands do for the Marine Corps.”

“I liked the display with all the different weapons,” said Crystal M. Pennington, wife of Lance Cpl. Dustin C. Pennington, a motor transport operator with Truck Co. A. “I also enjoyed the different trucks that were on display.”

The battalion displayed weapons, such as the M-16A4 rifle, the M-249 squad automatic weapon, the M-240G machine gun, the MK-19 automatic grenade launcher and the M-2.50-caliber machine gun.

In addition to the static displays, there was also a Military Police K-9 working dog demonstration, a moon bounce for children and a spouse’s Combat Fitness Test.

The spouses participated in all three parts of the CFT.

The first part was a 400-meter run, the second part was the 15 pound ammunition can lift with a time limit of two minutes, and the final part of the CFT consisted of the maneuver under-fire course. The spouses could choose to run a full-scale maneuver under-fire course or a half-scale course.

“It was really fun and we had a great time,” said Grace W. Giuliani, wife of Cpl. Steven R. Giuliani, a motor transport operator with Truck Co. A. “The course at the end where you have to carry someone was tiring.”

The battalion provided lunch for everyone who participated in the Jane Wayne Day.

“The event over all turned out great, because it looked like it was going to rain earlier, but it held off,” said Crystal Pennington. “I think this is a great thing for spouses to come out and meet other spouses and also just get a chance to see what our husbands are doing for the Marine Corps.”

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