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1st Marine Division

Camp Pendleton, CA
Baton Rouge native embodies mission accomplishment

By Cpl. Shawn Coolman | | March 2, 2008

Less than a year ago, 20-year-old Lance Cpl. Carl R. Luther was trudging his way through boot camp. Now, Luther serves with 3rd Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 5 as a tactical data systems specialist and maintains the battalions’ communication lines.

 Maintaining the lines of communication is pivotal to any organization, especially in times of potential conflict. Over the past six months, Luther has diligently performed his duties, which have allowed the battalion to carry out their objectives.

 “My job is to keep the data portion of communication up and running,” said Luther, “but I help with all aspects of communication because I am known for doing good work.”

 “Everything I learned, I’ve learned here on the go,” said Luther who is from Baton Rouge. “This kind of work is challenging, but I do my best every day to make sure everything is up and running so the battalion can keep trucking without hitting any bumps in the road.”

 Luther’s training noncommissioned officer, Cpl. Jeffery P. Evans, praised Luther’s abilities.

 “He’s always busy, but I can rely on him to handle issues that arise,” said Evans, 26, a forward data chief, from Houston. “I can task him with a job knowing it will be done correctly. He’s very inquisitive, he’s always asking questions and is very eager to learn.”

 Working long hours here is the norm, but learning to work with different people during the long days is a challenge.

 “I’ve learned how to work with different people in different situations, which allows me to work with people tactfully, and to get the job done,” said Luther. “A computer problem is a computer problem whether you’re a private or a colonel.”

 “You have to be able to do your job under pressure, just like you would perform it at any other time,” said Luther, who grew up in Livingston Parish. “I’m a perfectionist and have a little case of obsessive compulsive disorder. Things have to be done right and that’s where I come in.”

 Luther has risen above the pack and proven that he has what it takes to successfully accomplish any mission given to him. Last December he was acknowledged in front of his peers and was awarded with a meritorious promotion, which is getting promoted earlier than expected.

 “In the battalion there are a lot of good data guys here, and he separates himself by his good work ethic and his eagerness to learn,” added Evans. “He’s still a young Marine, but with time he’ll be a great leader.”

 Luther remarked on what he has learned, and taken away from the deployment, and how he plans on applying them in the future.

 “I’m going to school for business at Louisiana State University, and one day I want to do something in the finance field,” said Luther. “The life lessons I’ve taken from here can help in my future profession and be used in multiple aspects in becoming a successful citizen.”