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One dare was all it took

15 Jan 2008 | Lance Cpl. Shawn Coolman

Many people join the Marine Corps for a challenge, a chance for travel or adventure, but for one Marine, joining-up was as easy as his friends saying he couldn’t do it.

 Cpl. Ahmed O. Adeyemi, who was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., spent his youth and young adult days growing up in Nigeria and England because of his dad’s job and his parents wanting him to grow up where they grew up.

 In 2004, he traveled back to the U.S. to further his education.

 While attending Morgan State University with a full academic scholarship, Adeyemi joined the Marine Corps on a dare from his friends.

 “I was told I couldn’t [be a Marine] by my buddies,” said Adeyemi, 22, a switch board operator for Regimental Combat Team 5. “After boot camp, they said that they were just messing around with me.”

 Regardless, Adeyemi was now apart of the Marine Corps family.

 Because of his love for education, Adeyemi actively encourages continual education for everyone.

 “Adeyemi tries to get other Marines to take online classes, and he has helped a couple Marines with some of their math problems,” said Cpl. Albert R. Thomas, 22, a wireman with RCT-5.

 Adeyemi was afforded the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience while living in different countries, and he now has become a more patient person.

 “Living in Nigeria and England has helped me easily adapt to people,” said Adeyemi “I lived in a boarding house and with different people, which has helped me be outspoken and easily control myself.”

 His fellow Marines have seen what he is capable of and how he always looks out for everyone.

 “Last deployment he would always stay after and fill out paperwork that would let other Marines leave and get some down time,” said Thomas, who is from Sioux City, Iowa.

 While at work, Adeyemi seems to bring a sense of optimism into the environment.

 “He’s always got a positive attitude; he’s the type of guy that will put a smile on your face,” said Sgt. Frank J. Rivera, 25, data network specialist, RCT-5, from Waterbury, Conn. “And his positive influence on his Marines helps create a better working atmosphere.”

 A couple of Marines in his unit joked about how Adeyemi dances around trying to be the next Usher. They say it’s to bring-up everyone’s mood on this long deployment.

 The experience, leadership and insight Adeyemi brings to the table for his fellow Marines has made him an invaluable asset for this deployment and the future.