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Girls Scouts give Marines a taste of home

18 May 2006 | Cpl. Brian Reimers

Things that remind Marines of home are sometimes hard to come by out here. But with the help of a few hard working Girl Scouts and patriotic citizens, Marines are enjoying a familiar stateside treat.

A group of Girl Scouts from Marietta, Ga., recently donated more than 1,600 boxes of their famous cookies to 1st Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 5.

“We wanted to give the Marines something special,” said 6-year-old Megan L. Landro, daughter of Lt. Col. Christopher A. Landro, “New England’s Own” battalion commander.

The scouts adopted the commander to be their “Hometown Hero” and set a goal to sell enough cookies so that every Marine in the battalion would have a box. They reached their goal and then some.

“I was thrilled to hear that they had reached their goal and I immediately promised to get them out to the Marines as quickly as possible,” said Landro, from Kennesaw, Ga.

Troop 2923 went door-to-door with a poster of their hometown hero and his Marines, asking people if they would like to buy cookies for the troops operating in Fallujah.

“Everybody wanted to buy them for my dad and his troops,” Megan said, a first grade student at Walker School in Marietta.

“I know that my family is going through a very tough time without me, as is every family,” said 46-year-old Landro.  “But this shows that they will do anything they can to express their love and support so that we can go on with our mission.”

The expression of gratitude wasn’t lost on the Marines.

“One way or another, the people back home are always finding ways to support us,” said Lance Cpl. Cody W. Hill, Headquarters Platoon, Weapons Company.

Company commanders spent a part of their afternoon loading boxes and boxes of cookies into their humvees to take back to their Marines throughout the battalion’s area of operation.

“It was awesome to see hundreds of boxes of Girl Scout cookies show up to our door,” said Hill, 22, from Ada, Okla. “I have never seen so many cookies in my life. I now know of every type of Girl Scout cookie that there is.”

Megan made sure that her dad would get plenty of cookies that they both enjoy the most.

“My daddy loves the thin mint ones,” Megan excitedly said. “I sent him some extra ones.”

Each company of Marines here received enough cookies to eat them for three meals a day and spoil many dinners.

“I have more Girl Scout cookies here than I know what to do with,” Hill said. “I am pretty sure that we will not need a re-supply for quite a while. Thanks so much to the girls that made this happen.”