Reserve releases proper reporting instructions to Inactive Airmen

18 Oct 2010 | CMSgt Richard Ernst

All members requesting an assignment to the individual ready reserve must first report to the unit career advisor to completed a AF Form 158 (Counseling Form).

Once the AF Form 158 has been completed the member should hand carry a copy to Military Personnel Element, Relocations office to have eligilbilty verified and receive an application to request IRR. 

Many members are not eligible for placement in the IRR. Disqualiying factors that must be checked by MPE staff include Reserve Service Comitments, pending discharge actions, medical profile issues, excessive absence and other factors.

The MPE technician clearing the member provides a blank IRR request form and processing instructions if the member is eligible to apply. The member will need to route the IRR request paperwork to obtain the unit commander's signature. The member should ensure a copy of AF Form 158 (Counseling Form) verifying unit career advisor counseling is attached to the request with unit commander's signature prior to dropping of the request with Relocations. Routing the IRR request for group commander and wing commander signatures will be coordinated by the Relocation office. 

A Unit Career Advisor interview can help save careers and improve retention.

Please contact the local Military Personnel Element with specific questions.