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The Alpha dogs standing tall after the completion of FEX I.

Photo by 3D Assault Amphibian Battalion

Alpha Company Hits the Field for their first Field Exercise

7 May 2012 | 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion 1st Marine Division

Between 7 and 10 May, the Marines of Company A conducted their first field exercise (FEX) in preparation for their upcoming Unit Deployment Program (UDP) to Okinawa. The week was jam packed with training and the Marines worked hard to perfect the brilliance in the basics required for successful AAV Operations. The events included water operations, day and night amphibious assaults, land navigation and night driving. To finish the FEX, A Co combined all they had practiced during the week in a Culminating Exercise (CULMEX). The exercise involved a company level amphibious assault followed by movement to an inland objective and an assault on the enemy. You can be proud of the work your Marines did and expect the work to continue as A Co's UDP approaches.


1st Marine Division