MEDLOG maintains medical mission

28 Feb 2008 | Lance Cpl. Robert C. Medina 1st Marine Division

Medical supplies are being sent all over the Al Anbar province every day with a dedicated quickness due to the work of the Naval Medical Logistics Detachment here.

 For the Medical Logistics 2nd Platoon, sending class VIII medical supplies is a priority. These supplies include necessary medical and dental equipment such as bandages, dressings, braces, and other supplies needed from day to day.

 2nd Platoon is able to have supplies sent and arrive to the furthest medical facilities in Al Anbar province within a week.

 “We were able to ensure healers received life saving medical supplies and equipment in the most expedient manner possible,” said. Navy Lt. Ramaud D. Love, officer in charge of MEDLOG detachment, from Johnson City, Tenn.

 “We set a goal for ourselves and wanted to obtain that,” said Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class David Guajardo, distribution clerk, from Sneads Ferry, N.C.

 Reaching their goal was an accomplishment, but to the medical facilities it means so much more.

 “They are all out there on their own and it is important for them to know they have logistical support,” Guajardo said. “It’s a great feeling to take care of our corpsmen and Marines.”

 The MEDLOG is proud to support their fellow service members in any way they can.

 “It’s all about helping other units,” said Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Juan A. Hinojosa, a bio-medical technician with 2nd Platoon, from Danbury, Texas. “The supplies are not meant to be stored, they are meant to help save lives.”

 Being able to provide these supplies quickly gives Sgt. Phillip E. Harrison, MEDLOG shipping clerk, from Fort Valley, Ga., a sense of accomplishment.

 “It makes me feel like being out here was all worth it, knowing the stuff we sent out is actually doing something for someone,” Harrison said.

 MEDLOG is a prime example of the Navy-Marine Corps team at its best, Love said.

 “At the end of the day, it’s ensuring the rifleman knows that if he must go in harms way, his ‘doc’ is equipped to handle any situation that may arise,” Love concluded.

 Due to the dedication of the MEDLOG detachment, medical facilities all over Al Anbar province can rest assured knowing they have the support they need to accomplish their mission on deployment.

1st Marine Division