23 December 1913: Activated as The 1st Advance Base Brigade in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

January 1914: Deployed to Culebra, Puerto Rico.

February 1914: Relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana.

1 April 1914: Redesignated as the 1st Brigade.

April 1914: Deployed to Vera Cruz, Mexico

April-November 1914: Participated In the landings and occupation of Vera Cruz, Mexico.

December 1914: Relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


August 1915: Deployed to Port Au Prince, Haiti.

August 1915 - August 1934: Participated in the occupation of Haiti

June-December 1916: Participated in the occupation of The Dominican Republic.

15 August 1934: Deactivated at Port Au Prince, Haiti.

1 September 1935: Reactivated as the 1st Brigade in Quantico, Virginia and assigned to the Fleet Marine Force.

16 September 1935: Redesignated as the 1st Marine Brigade.


October 1940: Deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

1 February 1941: Redesignated as the 1st Marine Division.

May 1941: Relocated to Quantico, Virginia and Parris Island, South Carolina.

April-July 1942: Deployed to Samoa and Wellington, New Zealand.

Participated in the following World War II campaigns:


Eastern New Guinea

New Britain



September 1945 - June 1947: Participated in the occupation of North China.

June 1947: Relocated to Camp Pendleton, California.


July-September 1950: Deployed to the Republic of Korea.

September 1950 - July 1953: Participated in the Korean War, operating from:


Chosin Reservoir

East-Central Front

Western Front

July 1953 - March 1955: Participated in the defense of the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

February-April 1955: Returned to Camp Pendleton, California.

October-December 1962: Elements participated in the Cuban Missile Crisis.


July 1965 - May 1966: Deployed to the Republic Of Vietnam.

July 1965 - April 1971: Participated in the Vietnam War, operating from:

Chu Lai

Da Nang

Dong Ha

Qui Nhon


Phu Bai

Quang Tri

April 1971: Returned to Camp Pendleton, California.


April-May And June-December 1975: Elements participated in Operation New Arrival, the relocation of refugees from Indochina.

September 1990 - February 1991: Participated in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in Southwest Asia.

May-June 1991: Elements Participated In Operation Sea Angel in Bangladesh.

1992: Supported local law enforcement during the Los Angeles Riots.

December 1992 - April 1993: Elements participated in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia.

July-September 1994: Elements participated in firefighting efforts in the Western United States.

September 1996 - March 1997: Elements participated in support of Hunter Warrior Advanced Warfighting Laboratory Experiment, Camp Pendleton, California.

2000 - present

2003: Invasion of Iraq

2003-2011: Operation Iraqi Freedom

2004: Operations Vigilant Resolve and Phantom Fury

2001-2014: Operation Enduring Freedom

2014-2021: Operation Inherent Resolve

2015-2021: Operation Freedom’s Sentinel

1st Marine Division