1st Battalion, 1st Marines


1st Battalion, 1st Marines

1st Marine Division

Command Philisophy
“To perform expeditionary operations requires a special mindset—one that is constantly
prepared for immediate deployment overseas into austere operating environments, bringing
everything necessary to accomplish the mission.” MCDP 3

Everything we do must be done with an eye towards preparation of our Marines and units for combat.
We will constantly hold ourselves and our Marines to standard in terms of performance, conduct, appearance, customs, courtesies and traditions. As leaders, we will be held accountable for our unit and Marines. It is our responsibility to ensure that all aspects of readiness are completed and Marines and Sailors are mentally and physically prepared, assured of the their families’ welfare and confident in themselves and their leaders.

Individual Readiness. Readiness begins at the individual level with self discipline and a commitment to the profession of arms and his fellow Marines. Every Marine must possess the self discipline to do what is right – always. Additionally, every Marine must possess the discipline and courage to correct those who are not doing what is right. We will all be held accountable for our actions.< Every Marine must master his weapon system be prepared to employ it in any clime and place. Every Marine must be mentally and physically tough. We will focus on combat fitness, and we will be prepared to hike with a heavy load, be able to carry a wounded Marine and be proficient in close combat. Each day we will continue to seek self improvement and develop ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually.

Unit Readiness. We will train our units to fight and win in combat. This is accomplished through challenging, realistic, standards based training. The squads of this battalion are the main effort – they will be the ones that close with and destroy the enemy. Everything we do as an organization is to get our squads to a decisive position of advantage in relation to the enemy. Leaders at every level will be held accountable for the discipline of his unit. A unit that is undisciplined in garrison will be undisciplined in combat. Units that are undisciplined in combat will pay the price in blood. Marines need firm and fair leadership and to know that they will be cared for. Leaders at every level will know their Marines, understand what they are going through, and deal with issues swiftly and completely. This style of “intrusive leadership” is necessary and shows Marines that you really care for their well being and the well being of the unit.

Family Readiness. The Corps’ most valuable asset is the Marine and his family. We will develop resilient and connected families that are prepared to meet the challenges of a military lifestyle in order to allow our Marines and Sailors to focus their full attention on training for and operating in combat. Resilient families can function effectively in the absence of their Marine, and they are able to successfully address the unexpected challenges that come with everyday life. Connected families can reach out to their Marine’s chain-of-command, family readiness volunteers, and other unit families to share important information or obtain required assistance. Remember, we do not focus on personal and family readiness just out of the goodness of our hearts… all of our family readiness efforts will be tied to this endstate, because it is to the specific benefit of our combat mission.

It is my sole purpose to serve the Marines, Sailors, civilians and the families of 1st Battalion, 1st Marines to ensure that we are Ready to Fight and win in combat. It is a distinct privilege to be your commanding officer and to be a member of the First of the First!!

Lance A. Jackola
Lieutenant Colonel, USMC
Commanding Officer