Corporal's Course
1st Marine Division Schools


1st Marine Division Schools is an educational asset to all Division units that provides a means to train and educate Corporals of Marines. This is to say that there is no tax from a unit to provide instructors when they nominate students to our course—we have our own staff. We are here to support your mission.

We do accept Marines from outside of the Division, but Division Marines will have priority. These priority timelines are listed with the class dates.

Class Seat capacity is shown next to the Class Number. This is driven by several factors to include: Marine Corps University Guidance, Staff, and Physical Space. These seat dates may change slightly throughout the year.


course dates

CPLC 1-24 (48 Seats)
Registration: 15 August 2023
Division Priority Expiry: 1 October 2023
Registration Deadline: 16 October 2023

Report: 20 October 2023
Convene: 23 October 2023
Graduation: 10 November 2023

CPLC 2-24 (52 Seats)
Registration Open: 16 October 2023
Division Priority Expiry: 3 November 2023
Registration Closed: 20 November 2023

Report: 22 November 2023
Convene: 27 November 2023
Graduation: 15 December 2023

CPLC 3-24 (52 Seats)
Registration Open: 13 November 2023
Division Priority Expiry: 1 December 2023
Registration Closed: 3 January 2024

Report: 5 January 2024
Convene: 8 January 2024
Graduation: 26 January 2024

CPLC 4-24 (52 Seats)
Registration Open: 3 January 2024
Division Priority Expiry: 19 January 2024
Registration Closed: 5 February 2024

Report: 9 February 2024
Convene: 12 February 2024
Graduation: 1 March 2024

CPLC 5-24 (52 Seats)
Registration Open: 29 January 2024
Division Priority Expiry: 16 February 2024
Registration Closed: 4 March 2024

Report: 8 March 2024
Convene 11 March 2024
Graduation 29 March 2024

CPLC 6-24 (52 Seats)
Registration Open: 18 March 2024
Division Priority Expiry: 5 April 2024
Registration Closed: 22 April 2024

Report: 29 April 2024
Convene 30 April 2024
Graduation: 17 May 2024

CPLC 7-24 (52 Seats)
Registration Open: 27 May 2024
Division Priority Expiry: 14 June 2024
Registration Closed: 1 July 2024

Report: 3 July 2024
Convene: 8 July 2024

Graduation: 26 July 2024

CPLC 8-24 (52 Seats)
Registration Open: 1 July 2024
Division Priority Expiry: 19 July 2024
Registration Closed: 5 August 2024

Report: 9 August 2024
Convene: 12 August 2024
Graduation: 29 August 2024

CPLC 9-24 (52 Seats)
Registration Open: 5 August 2024
Division Priority Expiry: 23 August 2024
Registration Closed: 9 September 2024

Report: 9 September 2024
Convene: 16 September 2024
Graduation: 4 October 2024

1. Available seats may vary throughout the year. This will be communicated during the nomination process. 

2. Class sizes will not exceed 60 students 

3. Minimum class size required is 20 students. 

4. Registration will close if a class reaches its maximum seat capacity ahead of the Registration Closed Date. If this happens, the following Class’s Registration will open early. This will be communicated during the nomination process. 

Nomination Instructions

Nominations will be sent to: via Outlook


a. Nominations may be submitted to this email as a reply. At a minimum, the unit will provide:
    -Last Name
    -First Name
    -Unit (Battalion)
    -Marine’s email (Personal or .mil so we may send them their Student Handbooks)
    -Cell Phone (To coordinate with Instructor Staff as needed)

b. Marines must meet Ht/Wt standards. If they need to tape, please ensure they report in with the required worksheet.

c. Marines must be in a Full Duty status.

d. Marines will run a PFT and CFT while at the course. This will be for instructional purposes as we cannot use it as a means for evaluation per Marine Corps University guidance. If a Marine is deficient on the Semi-Annual requirement, it is on the unit to ensure that this is addressed, not Division Schools Staff. We will not provide NAVMCs to students or their units.

e. Lance Corporals may be nominated if they are Select Grade. They will be accepted if the seats are available. If they are set to promote while enrolled in the course, they will be expected to have their seasonal service uniform with the correct rank. Select Grade E4 Marines are able to complete Corporal’s Course DEP and will be expected to complete it prior to the graduation of the course. We will need a one-page memorandum attached to the Marine’s Command Screening Checklist from the Marine’s Senior Enlisted Advisor confirming that the Marine is Select Grade (E4) to waive the Appropriate Grade requirement. The Marine will bring this memorandum with them when they report in.

f. For students requiring DTS vouchers, we provide government billeting and mess facilities. Expenses should only be for travel. Expenses will be unit funded.  Please notify us in advance if your Marine requires billeting.

g. 1st Marine Division Schools will reply with confirmation that your nomination has been seated. If you do not receive this email, please contact the Operations Chief. This will be important for your Marine to receive coordinating instructions.

h. We will accept Marines with less than six months remaining on contract if they are going to continue service through the Reserves, Direct Affiliation Program, Career Intermission Program, Enlisted Commissioning Program, or another form of continuing service. We will ask that a one-page memorandum be attached to the Marine’s Command Screening Checklist from the Marine’s Senior Enlisted Advisor confirming their program of choice to waive the obligated service requirement. The Marine will bring this memorandum with them with they report in.

Reporting Instructions

a. Marines will be required to have completed Corporal’s Course DEP prior to reporting in. This certificate will be presented at check-in.


b. Marines will be required to complete a Command Screening Checklist with Parent Unit prior to reporting in.


c. Marines will report in their Service “A” uniform.


d. Marines will report to Building 33428.

e. Reporting/Check-in is conducted between 0730-1200. Late check-ins may be dropped, and units will be notified. Emergency or unexpected situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


f. Marines will not need TAD Orders, they will be simply run as “TAD Less Than 30 Days” in MOL.


g. Marines will change into their Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform in the afternoon of their reporting day—ensure they bring them on the first day.

Additional Information

a. Students will be expected to have their seasonal service uniforms ready for wear.

b. Students will be expected to have their Dress uniforms ready for wear.

c. Students who are not a Brown Belt will undergo MCMAP training with the CPLC MAI. The goal is to “belt-up” at least one level. Please note that this availability may differ from class-to-class.

d. If Marines need billeting, please let us know in advance. We mention this as some Marines may face a challenge with transportation and will need advance notice to accommodate them.

e. Students will be required to wear business casual during the course. Please ensure they understand that this means slacks, not jeans.

f. If Marines do not have an IIF issue, we will need to know.

g. Marines are able, and strongly encouraged to bring their personal computer or tablet to Corporal’s Course for use during classes as prescribed by the instructors. If they do not have a personal computer or tablet and are unable to sign one out from their Parent Unit for use in the course, they will need to bring a notebook. Phones will not be authorized for use in the classes except to provide their own local hotspots. Student guidebooks will be emailed to the student, so it is strongly advised that they bring a computer of some form.

h. If students are currently enrolled in college, they are advised to either postpone or lighten their course load accordingly. A student’s average day could range from 0600-1730, not factoring in drive time. Corporal’s Course will take priority.

i. Students will be dropped for academic failure and the unit will be notified.

j. Division Schools will counsel students on disciplinary matters such as tardiness or uniform violations. Three or more will be identified as a trend and the unit may be notified.

k. Violations of the UCMJ will be reported to the unit and the student will be dropped.

l. Students will receive a sword issue while enrolled in the school. Any loss or damage of Division Schools property will incur a DD-form 200.

1st Marine Division