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                         DANIEL J FULLERTON
                      UNITED STATES NAVY


Contact the Chaplain directly:
Camp Pendleton:
 Office: (760) 725-2549
Cell: (315) 323-5567
(760) 725-2005

Contact the 1st TANKS Chaplain at (760) 830-6789,
or call the DELTA Co. OOD at (760) 830-7196/7198


Lieutenant Commander Daniel Fullerton hails from Upstate New York.  He was accepted at 3 service academies,

and chose Coast Guard Academy, where he entered in 1985; but a vocation to the Priesthood drastically

changed course for him.

Ordained a Roman Catholic Priest in 1991 in Switzerland, he was called upon to minister for many years before

having the chance to return to the military.  Commissioned in 2007, he reported to Officer Development School

and Basic Chaplain Training in Newport, RI in January 2008.

A first set of orders took him to USCG Integrated Support Command in Kodiak, Alaska; the largest Coast Guard

base in the United States.  Short toured there for operational needs of Navy, he received orders to USS

ENTERPRISE (CVN-65) in 2010 and was extended to complete two deployments before her decommissioning. 

New orders took him to NSA Naples, Italy in 2013, where, in addition to all other military duties, he administered

singlehandedly a faith group more than double the size of all others combined.

He received orders to USS ESSEX in 2015, and completed her 2015 deployment and subsequent PMA.

He has newly reported to  1stMARDIV, and has been assigned to 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion where he looks

forward to serving with TRACKS.


His professional awards include a Coast Guard Commendation Medal and 3 Navy Commendation Medals.

Fullerton is an outdoorsman, with a passion for cycling, kayaking, and hiking.