H & S Chain of Command

Capt. R. Strehl

1stSgt. L. Williams



Families and Friends of Headquarters and Service Company,

On behalf of 1stSgt Petty and the rest of the company staff, I welcome you to H&S Company. It is my distinct honor to serve your Marines and I am extremely humbled at the opportunity to be their Commanding Officer. My focus is on readiness. Readiness has multiple facets, chief among these are unit readiness and family readiness. However, these aspects of readiness are not mutually exclusive. As a company we will maintain a constant state of readiness by making the most of our training evolutions and ensuring we maintain our equipment. I tell you this because your Marines will be busy over the next year. However, I pledge that every opportunity to allow the Marines to spend time with you will be given. I believe the bond we form and sustain with the family is a critical component to ensuring the readiness as a unit. The family members of our Marines and Sailors are a critical part of H&S Company.

H&S Company has a great legacy and my staff and I will make every effort to preserve that enduring heritage. This great history continues because of the outstanding people in the company. We have the best Officers, Staff Non-Commissioned Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, Marines and Sailors in the Corps. It takes all of us working together to build upon this hard-earned reputation. This is equally true for family readiness. Our Family Readiness Officer, Mrs. Jany K. Wasdin, possesses a wealth of experience and runs an excellent program, and whether you are married or single I encourage you to take full advantage of her services and support.

Finally, I would like to thank you all for your continuing support and sacrifices.  We understand that the military lifestyle is demanding for Marines, Sailors, and their families. Our company staff, working alongside the Battalion’s Family Readiness Officer (FRO), is committed to family readiness as the company’s continued success depends on it. We ask that you too remain committed to the readiness of your Marine or Sailor to deploy, and assist them in their preparations.

Semper Fidelis,
Captain Zully. G. PasindoRubio