Alpha Company Chain of Command

Capt Strehl 1stSgt Bacolod


To the Alpha Company Family,

First and foremost, the company staff and I would like to extend our utmost respect and gratitude to the families of our Marines and Sailors for the sacrifices associated with living the Marine Corps lifestyle. It is through your support and encouragement that your loved one is able to contribute to building a strong and cohesive Alpha Company team.

My wife and I are excited to bring our family back to 1st Tank Battalion. Some of the best memories we have together and friends we have met were right here in Twentynine Palms. It is an incredible honor and privilege to serve in Alpha Company. Since my arrival to the company I have had the privilege of working side by side with your Marines and Sailors, getting to know each of them, and witnessing the incredible work that they accomplish day after day.

We do not know whether the company will be called upon to fight today or a week from today, but if that day comes I am confident that the Marines in our company are capable of meeting any challenge. America expects us to be ready at a moments notice; it is my goal that we continue to develop our people into capable, professional, warfighters through mental, moral, and physical training. In order to become proficient warriors, we must work at our craft which will mean late nights, missed dinners, and time spent training in the field.

I believe that care for the family is a unit-wide responsibility and extends well beyond the work environment. As a husband and father, I understand the demands that can be placed on Marine Corps families and the importance of striving for balance between work and home life. I intend to set that example and to ensure that our

Alpha Company families are setup for long term, healthy success through a balanced lifestyle. Quality makes up for quantity – we live near numerous exciting places like Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, Big Bear, Joshua Tree to name a few. I encourage each family member to take full advantage of the local area and build lasting memories of your time here together at 1st Tank Battalion.

This team will only be successful with the support of those on the home front. As we seek to build and maintain our Alpha Company Family, I ask that you please reach out to Ms. Jany Wasdin, our 1st Tank Battalion Family Readiness Officer (FRO). She has been a constant in this battalion for many years and is a valuable resource to assist you through the many unique challenges associated with our lifestyle.

Again, I want to thank you for your continued sacrifice and dedication to your Marine or Sailor. I look forward our time together, to the road ahead, and to making this a great place for all of our Alpha Company family members.

Semper Fidelis,

Captain Ryan T. Strehl