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1st Tank Battalion


1st Tank Battalion

1st Marine Division

To close with and destroy the enemy using expeditionary armor-protected firepower, shock effect, and maneuver in support of the MAGTF across the range of military operations.

1st Tank Battalion’s Core Principles


“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training”…Archilochus


Train like you fight: Practice makes permanent, challenging/realistic training with instant feedback is paramount

      • Every movement in garrison and in the field is a patrol: PCCs/PCIs, brief/OPORD, gear

      • 10,000 repetitions to reach mastery

      • Standards based, system approach, progressive in nature with continual remediation


Own the problem: Be accountable for everything you do, good and bad, no excuses

      • Do the right thing and make morally sound decisions

      • Take responsibility for your Marines and Sailors and develop them to be successful leaders

      • You are a professional war fighter, treat everything you do accordingly


Whatever it takes: Our loyalty is to winning. Row hard, thrive in a dynamic world, and embrace ambiguity

      • There is no task beneath anyone

      • Be an expert in your field and willing to whatever it takes to accomplish the mission, regardless of rank or billet

      • Be humble, everyone row together

      • Accomplish the mission, clean your gear and prepare to do it again

      • Always do your best, never quit


It is not about you: Family and fellow Marines and Sailors are the priority

      • Remember the blood and sweat of those who have served and sacrificed in previous generations for you

      • Servitude leadership always

      • Positive command climate at all levels

      • Lead from the front, set the example, and always remember those who made it possible for you to be where you are


Make someone’s circumstances exceptional: There are no exceptional people, only exceptional circumstances

      • We are all products of our surroundings and those who have taught and mentored us

      • Create a positive environment

      • Take care of and respect each other always

      • Seize the opportunity and create and extraordinary atmosphere 

Expeditionary Mindset: Be ready to deploy and fight tonight

      • Mind, body, equipment, and family readiness always

1st Tank Battalion Leaders

LtCol M. P. Zummo
Commanding Officer, 1st Tank Battalion

Maj. Mark Nostro
Executive Officer, 1st Tank Battalion

SgtMaj. Jared A. Hoversten
Sergeant Major, 1st Tank Battalion




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