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Information Management Office

1MARDIV SharePoint Account

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NIPRNet SharePoint Portal Access Instructions

New Users:

To request an account on the 1MARDIV Unclassified/NIPR SharePoint Portal, please fill out and submit a user agreement form.

The form must be filled out by someone who currently has a MCEITS account.

Click here for a new user form and follow the instructions.


Existing SharePoint Account Holders:

If you already have an active account, click here for access to the 1MARDIV Unclassified/NIPR SharePoint Portal

User MCEN Self-Help Portal

(CAC Enabled)

Homeport: A one stop, self-help gateway for Marine Corps Information Technology and Information System for users.


IMO Help Desk


SharePoint Training Sources

    •SharePoint Training, EIS


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